Saturday, August 11, 2012


Door in MiraFlores, Lima, Peru
A door that leads to an inner courtyard.
Where's the rest of the fence?

Dog walking in MiraFlores, Lima, Peru
MiraFlores is an upscale neighborhood in Lima.
Check this out...
Dogs that walk their owner!

Bathroom sign!
Found in ALL Peruvian bathrooms!
a sign that translates to...
"Do not throw paper in the toilet"

Peruvian LEGO man
JPE & I just cracked up!
A huge LEGO man
(wearing a scarf in Peru's flag colors of RED & WHITE)
was sitting on top of the new supermarket, WONG'S.

Electrical lines in Iquitos, Peru
What a mess!
Need some electricity?
it looks like they just string another line...
Wonder how many of these electrical lines are LIVE?

Church in MiraFlores, Lima, Peru
Another sign, translated...
"Turn off your cell phone.
You don't need a cell phone
to talk to GOD!"

SIGN on the counter at STARBUCK'S
Steph & Mazen, this sign is for YOU!
"Mothers with infants,
Pregnant women,
Persons with a disability"
can go to the FRONT of the line!

Don't you LOVE the unique-ness of PERU!

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  1. These are all the door, reminds me of some of the "doors to no where" in my garden.

    I had no idea you were home! When will you have to go back to seems to be starting earlier every year.



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