Tuesday, August 21, 2012


bike path signal
Last week, JPE & Lydia put the bikes on the rack & met me in Avila Beach at the edge of the Bob Jones Trail (more about the Bob Jones Trail HERE)

set to ride

We started our bike ride at Hwy 101 & rode to Avila Beach, stopping for dinner on the way back.

white egret
The bike path meanders along beautiful condos & homes, an apple orchard... along San Luis Creek & the Steelhead Trout habitat... with the bike/walking path paralleling the Avila Bay Golf Course. 

Steelhead Trout habitat
Lydia exploring a tree root
Isn't it great being with kids? Lydia noticed this tree root wedged between two rocks --- we decided the root was growing upward, in an effort to reach the sun... interesting!

Water break!
FYI --- I don't usually dress like this for biking - no clothes to change into after work, so I wore work-casual for our bike ride...

Heading back!
JPE & Lydia riding a head of me! 

FAVE pic of LYDIA!
This is my favorite picture of Lydia... ah! the wonderfully relaxing days of summer. Can't believe she's going to be a 4th grader?!??

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  1. You have posted some seriously great photos here; I so enjoyed seeing them. I can't believe how Lydia has grown, she is adorable and I know the joy that she brings to you both. Happy biking!



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