Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The girl in the red jacket had to bring her little sister to school with her! Peruvian children often miss school to care for siblings while their parents work. Imagine a 6 year old caring for a 3 year!
"Independent learning"
These two girls were sitting in the doorway of a house, doing their school work. They were thrilled with the colored pencils & erasers we gave them.
"School boy"
Our tour group stopped at an elementary school in the mountains near Cusco. We practiced our Spanish... and taught them the "Hokey Pokey."
"Teen from Cusco"
Wearing her native costume, this young teen works in the family restaurant.
"Sweet Baby"
Peruvian mommas carry their children on their backs
 until they are toddlers.

"Bakery Worker" 
This young Peruvian had just finished stacking a truckload of wood
for his mother! We enjoyed eating the tasty cheese empanadas
(stuffed, baked pastries) purchased from his mother's PANADERIA.
"Preschooler from Indiana" 
This youngster was eating a sweet bread from the local street market. It rains daily along the Amazon River --- and life goes on!
children play, eat & walk to town with their families.
"Walking to Work"
It's not unusual for children to work... especially in the poor communities of the mountain region. This young girl carried her lunch in the scarf tied around her shoulders --- lunch was a cup of dried beans!

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