Saturday, January 7, 2012


all pics taken 1.7.12 @ home
I need like to have fresh flowers, a succulent or greenery in my living room...

In the off-season, I buy something at Trader Joe's... From March-October, we display small vases of our fragrant roses cut from the garden. JPE & I returned to work this week, so with the busy-ness of a work schedule, I haven't taken the time to buy something GREEN.

My fall-back GREENERY is R-O-S-E-M-A-R-Y... OUR NEIGHBOR, JEAN, planted the entire length of her condo fence with Rosemary. This morning, while JPE was watering outside, I had him cut some sprigs to freshen the air & add some color.

three sprigs ~ guest bathroom
Origin: Rosemary comes from the Latin word, rosmarinus, meaning "mist of the sea" or "dew of the sea" {well, we live a few miles from the ocean, so perhaps that's the reason it's easy to grow in our area}!!

Medicinal fact: In the 16th century, Rosemary was often burned in sickrooms as a disinfectant to kill germs. {I love the fresh, fragrant, almost antiseptic smell}

dried rosemary ~ living room bookcase
Long lasting: Dried Rosemary is able to retain most of its fragrance & flavor. {these dried sprigs were dropped in this container at the beginning of December - if you rub them between your fingers, you'll release the fragrance, even though they are a month old}.

ScientificAncient Greeks believed that Rosemary was a magical plant that could strengthen memory. I've also read that smelling Rosemary before you take a test can increase your concentration... Japanese scientists confirmed Rosemary is a brain stimulant. {gosh, I may need to keep some sprigs on my desk at work}.

Trivial Pursuit factDuring the English Tudor era, Rosemary symbolized fidelity, and brides would give sprigs of Rosemary to bridegroom as a tradition {ummm... food for thought}.

Final comment: Rosemary is also considered to increase creativity {when I started this post, I planned to plop some pictures onto my blog & head for the shower - yep! still in my jammies! My post has morphed into research, with the afternoon disappearing}.

JPE's roses ~ April 2011
Gotta get moving - check back tomorrow! it's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY over at Ashley's!


  1. The sprigs look so pretty in the red bottles and I love the way you mixed it with the other dried materials in the glass jar. The Rosemary must make the house smell wonderful!

    Georgous new header!!!

  2. I love rosemary, and you did it justice!!!

  3. You taught me all kinds of things I didn't know about rosemary. I didn't even know the origin of the name, but I love it! I'm very fond of rosemary and think it's very pretty when it blooms. I also like your jar of potpourri, and that one perfect rose.

  4. I so love rosemary. I remember visiting Albert Camus' grave, and it was covered in rosemary - I've never forgotten that site.
    Tomorrow I will follow you - go out and cut some snippets of my rosemary.

  5. Fun and fascinating! I had to smile at the fact that you were still in your jammies - sucked in by rosemary research.

  6. I absolutely love rosemary.. the garden by my house that I visit often has several pathways lined with rosemary, it smells wonderful! when we first moved here, I couldn't believe all the eucalyptus trees that grow here! if you are ever feel like a drive, montana de oro state park has this amazing little drive to the beach that takes you through a grove of them.



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