Wednesday, January 18, 2012


red chair in the laundry room
The WEATHER is on everyone's mind these days... those in Seattle {like cousin, Sue} are buried in SNOW that is not-their-normal January WEATHER... 

WEATHER on the Central Coast of Californiaour morning are brrr! chilly! which is high 30's (F)... RAIN is predicted for later this week {which would be a welcome change ~ need some moisture to "green-up" the hillsides}...

SLE's WEATHER in Washington DC is sunny, chilly with a slight smattering of clouds... I wonder, does SEA-BASS wear a raincoat?

ACE {who lives 40 minutes south of San Francisco} is due for some RAIN. Hopefully, it will start after school is out at 2:30! RAINY day schedule with 23 five year olds can be exhausting!

Our Cincinnati family should have SNOW flurries with daytime temps in the mid-30's & a low of 18 at night!

Mom {& So California family} are experiencing sunny days, with a slight chill {chilly to them is anything below 68 degrees F} ~ they'll have to exchange their shorts for jeans & pull on a sweatshirt... maybe change out their flip-flops??

Some of my blogger friends who've posted about WEATHER today: 


Perhaps I should have pursued a career as a... WEATHER-GIRL {ohhh-not the kind on TV! no! no!}?? NOPE - I wish I had pursued a career in ARCHITECTURE ~ love house plans {the paper kind}; but, I'm NOT good at manipulating numbers!

What's your favorite type of WEATHER? & why?


  1. Favorite type of weather? I really don't mind any of long as it is not posing a danger to us. Living in the Midwest has taught me that this area has weather that is a mixture of extremes. But then, so is life!

    Thanks for linking to my blog and for your kind remarks!

  2. How funny! I guess weather was on all of our minds. :) It's that time of year...

  3. I am waiting and hoping for rain...we really need it so badly. Hopefully, we will have some over the weekend. My favorite weather is sunshine, after all I am a California native!

  4. I love a variety of weather. Warmth and sunshine, the patter of rain on the roof, the silence of falling snowflakes...but preferably not too much of any. The weather I like the least is wind - it makes me feel anxious and has since childhood.

    I'm fascinated by the weather and love to discuss it. My daughter thinks I'm a bit nuts. She thinks, you can't do anything about it, so why talk about it?

  5. There WERE a lot of talking about the weather! And I did finally get my rain.
    Which I love!

  6. I don't really have a favorite kind of weather. I love sunshine, wind, rain, cloudy days, clear skies, stormy clouds, thunderstorms, snow, even hail - everything, but not all the time. It's the variety. The only weather I don't like is grey weather every day (like a typical November in Germany).



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