Friday, January 20, 2012


tree outside condo front door

Do you use
for photo editing?

Just logged on &

So, what program
should I learn to use
 in the next few months?

Suggestions appreciated!


  1. Christine -- I'm so sad to hear about Picnik. It's been one of my favorite free photo editors. I'm hoping Google will retain or improve upon what Picnik had. In the interim, I'll likely use or inkspace. Maybe Gimp. :)

  2. I'm a Photoshop fan - yes, I know, it's not free etc., and some people are a bit "stiff upper lip" about it, but I really love it. It takes some time to learn it, but it has great possibilities. I'm loving it! You can download a free 30 days trial version and see whether you like it or not. Kim Klassen ( offers a free skinny mini class - check it out! The skinny mini is great to get acquainted with PSE - it was my motivation to work with PSE and I have never looked back.

  3. ...for some reason I can't comment on your blog any more without going to Google Chrome and after the announcement today about Picnik I am beginning to really dislike Google! I spent some time researching and Picasa has added a lot of the Picnik effects, including frames; maybe they will even be adding more. But today I finally installed Photoshop 7 and I intend to get busy on learning how to use that. It does seem that whenever we get comfortable with any of this stuff they change it!!!

  4. It's true - no one is ever too old to learn. I haven't tried picnick..but you've definitely intrigued me here. I'm all photoshop!

  5. I use Gimp because I don't want to pay for photoshop!! I don't do anything fancy, so it's good enough for me! Good luck!



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