Sunday, January 15, 2012



It's that time... SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY...

This week I took 4 of the 5 pictures, while JPE was making breakfast (just 35 minutes ago).

While "walking the loop"... I considered my options & decided to snap as many pictures as possible in 15 minutes. This week's hunt included: Stacked Up, Winter Wonderland, Sweet, Hole, & Frozen.

JPE makes the "best pancakes" ~ ask any member of the family! I won't divulge his recipe {gotta keep some things a secret}... they were topped with a pat of butter & apricot or strawberry jam. I feel very pampered. Ummm... I split this STACK of pancakes with him.

WINTER WONDERLAND on the Central Coast of California resembles this scene... we need to do some serious pruning, as well as replace some of our bare root rose bushes. The ground critters (gophers) had a field-day & decimated some of our roses ~ even though they were protected with wire baskets. Today, the skies are covered with high clouds & the sun peeks through occasionally... our temperature is currently 61 degrees {F}.

My sister is a cross-stitcher! Check out the adorable magnet! SWEET face, eh?!! this Santa didn't get PACKED AWAY with the rest of the Santas. I need to keep his cheery, red cheeked face on the fridge for a while... 

My fifteen minutes was coming to an end {remember, I wanted to keep my photography time to 15 minutes}... I still needed a picture of something with a HOLE. So, I grabbed the red, felt placemat from the dining table & held it in the air. Got it! a snowflake HOLE


This was the ONLY photo taken outside my "self imposed" 15 minute, morning,  photography session. My rear windshield was pretty frosty (eh, covered with FROZEN water) on Friday. Snapped this picture before unlocking my car door.

Limiting my picture taking to 15 minutes of shooting time was pretty ingenious - otherwise, I could have spent hours trying to get the perfect shot!

There are some great shots over at Ashley's blog, RAMBLINGS & PHOTOS. Be sure to check them out!!

You are OFFICIALLY invited to participate. The rules are few! check them out on ASHLEY'S BLOG

The words to photograph this week include: Sunset, Black & White, A Day in My Life, Four {a set of four related photos}, & Colorful


  1. Okay LOVELOVE both stacks. Now I'm hungry, but great pic.

  2. Stacks of pancakes...yum! Great frozen pic too.

  3. Delicious looking pancakes. Especially liked your hole and frozen shot. In answer to your question about my blog header- it was just taken from the blogger choice of templates- I saw on one site( now I can't recall which!) where the lady had it as a header and on the sides which looked really good.

  4. I think it was brilliant to put limitations on your hunt, I did something similar this week and was very happy with the results. A great series.

  5. Yummy... Stacked up it making me hungry. And I love that Frozen shot!

  6. Your hole shot was my favorite, but those pancakes look so yummy!

  7. your pancakes look way better than mine - yum.

  8. I like your strategy of limiting yourself to the 15 minutes. The stack of pancakes look so light and fluffy! I bet they melt in your mouth....

  9. Ohh... I like the idea of trying to take all the pictures in 15 minutes! I might have to give that a try one of these weeks. Those pancakes look YUMMY!!

  10. Cool placemat photo for hole. I like the idea of only taking 15 minutes to do it in. I may have to try that.

  11. Great photos for all the words. I love the date and time on the frosty windshield!

  12. I like the frozen shot! I was going to do something similar but we never got a good cold night this week. Great shots!



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