Friday, January 6, 2012


birthday & special interest
Mattie's 5th Birthday - he had a PIRATE Party!

~~ MY MOM ~~

{called Nana by her 7 grandchildren &
GiGi by her 5 great-grandchildren}



They're generally a SURPRISE!

you can never tell when you will get one
{or two if you are a married couple}...

You might get one in the mail or as a present:

 to commemorate a holiday...
{Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, 4th of July}

as a remembrance of a hobby or special interest...
{surfing, snowboarding, knitting, dancing, computers, baseball,

for your birthday or Christmas...

or to celebrate a special time in your life...
{wedding, graduation, Daisy-to-Brownie fly-up}

special interest: Katie LOVED Dora!
holiday: Lydia's first Christmas pillow case
snowmen w/green stocking caps & Santa hats
holiday: Christmas pillow case
first Christmas {2004} w/new husband, JPE
red horns w/red, glittery gold pine cone band
holiday: our new set of Christmas pillowcases

Doesn't our bed look cozy?
special interest: knitting
ACE & Lola napping
balls of yarn against a yellow background
special interest: cartoon characters
Mattie reminded us of Charlie Brown!
here's a Snoopy-like puppy dog pillowcase

Several guests at our Christmas celebration received a PILLOWCASE this year... I hope they realize how SPECIAL these PILLOWCASES are?

FYI: the grandkids have been known to "let it slip" when they received a pillowcase in the mail (& none of them live in close proximity to each other)!

Rumor is: ACE might have the largest inventory of PILLOWCASES!

MOM may have to do a "recall" to inventory her gift-giving list!!! ha! ha!

BTW: I'm confessing... I have 7 {seven pillowcases}
holiday: single king-size Christmas case {1998 - year I was divorced}
special occasion: set of wedding pillowcases {November 2004}
holiday: set of Christmas pillowcases w/French horns {December 2003}
special: set of yellow/green floral print {why? I'm special - ha! forgot year}
holiday: set of Christmas pillowcases (Christmas 2011}

JPE has a couple of pillowcases...
special interest: loves coffee {cups of java 2003?}
hobby: loves camping {moons & stars 2006?}

Okay - 'fess up ---- the rest of you!!!

Kidding aside {really --- I don't want to start a family war}... 
                                      these pillowcases are adorable!
                                        treasures that are well-used!
                                          a true LABOR-OF-LOVE!

                       THANKS!!! MOM / NANA / GIGI

psst! HAppY BiRthDaY Daisy!!!  ummm... did you get a pillowcase for your birthday? just checking!


  1. My old neighbor used to make holiday pillowcases for the kids. They are my favorite "decoration"! (p.s. I scrolled down too far, and suddenly I was in the snow. Aaah! How fun. :))

  2. Cute blog, oh my gosh my grandkids look so cute in the pictures. I think you have me beat with pillow cases. Maybe since i probably can make my own. Haha

  3. I have a beautiful set from my wedding too. We love them!

  4. Hi CEE!
    I've been back tracking and catching up on all your postings since the begninning of your blog.The themes, photos, sentiments are so interesting and often beautiful. I am especially drawn to your photos because I seem to have a lot of interests and tastes similar to yours. I love the nature posts and pictures but am writing on this older posting today because I think the made-with-love pillow cases from your mom are such a lovely idea and wanted to say so. I am reminded of all the cute school clothes your sis used to make with a skill and talent that she obviously must have inherited from your mom. As I remember, you were both always very well dressed girls. Precious post. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings, Sharon



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