Friday, May 20, 2011


I'll bet you thought you'd see a picture of these???

pic from:
Ummmm... milk chocolate & white.... 

How about this?

found on Wikipedia
Now - that is black & white.... and smelly!

No - I like this BLACK & WHITE.... seen on my drive to work yesterday (back entrance to Cuesta College)...

pic taken 5.19.11 (O'Connor Way)
Not a cookie NOR a skunk... I've wanted to take this pic for a couple of weeks now! Yesterday, with camera in hand, under beautiful sunny skies, a slight breeze, insects buzzing - I captured this adorable cow! 

(side note: a big black truck buzzed by me, with a Cuesta student beeping & waving his cowboy hat - at first, I thought perhaps I looked kinda-professional with my camera propped on my car trunk OR ??? well, you know he couldn't tell my age from his speeding truck... I later realized, his excitement was not directed at seeing me... but he was most likely celebrating that he has taken his LAST FINAL for the semester!!!)

Anyway - back to my post!!! this is the BLACK & WHITE I was referring to... There's a herd of cows that have a white stripe around the MIDDLE of their bodies! So CUTE!

the cow pile (er, herd)... ha! couldn't resist!
Cheers to a fabulous weekend! 

Off to get my foot X-Rayed again. Wish me LUCK!


  1. What an adorable cow!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the x-rays went well. Lots of healing vibes coming your way.

  2. I wish I still lived where there were open spaces for cows to graze. These are very pretty...Holstien perhaps? Good luck on the foot...maybe this is a weekend to celebrate!

  3. I just love cows... and I also love skunks! They in return love my yard. Which the neighbor's cat doesn't like...



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