Friday, May 6, 2011


pics taken 5.6.11


Check in with CARMEN @ TAILS OF A BIOMOUSE!!! 
to see who's posting this week... if this week's participants are like me, they may have "racked their brain" all week figuring out their interpretation of GYPSY

When I see the word, GYPSY, the following words come to mind...

:: nomadic people ::
:: traveling caravans ::
:: colorful clothing ::
:: bangles, beads, glittery jewelry ::
:: entertainers, musicians, fortune tellers ::
:: laborers, farmworkers, tradesmen ::

Notice I listed the following: colorful clothing, bangles, fortune tellers?

GREEN, GAUZY SCARF (colorful clothing); BRASS, PURPLE & TURQUOISE (bangles, beads & glitter); TAROT CARDS (fortune teller)
AH-HA!!! this creates a GYPSY feeling... I think I dressed as a GYPSY for Halloween when I was 6-7 years old! I wonder if my Mom still has the picture?

JPE has studied Tarot for 30+ years, so it's natural that I would be "curious" about this experiential, interpretive practice for uncovering answers to your questions.

Due to my creative nature, I'm particularly drawn to the colors & pictures on the cards - actually, I have two decks, Waite & Morgan Greer... 

WAITE (left) & MORGAN GREER (right)
...both cards are the ACE of CUPS... similar, yet different. CUPS = emotions/feelings; ACES = start of something new! for me, this card is a "happy" card...

During our travels through Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary & Slovakia, we saw GYPSIES in the marketplaces & in the town squares. I thought of them as being family-oriented! but because they are nomadic, the children often don't attend school, so the schools tend to have a negative attitude toward GYPSY children (much like children of migrant farmers in California). But, I still admire them for their perseverance in keeping their culture & families alive, in what may feel like a disapproving environment.

Thanks CARMEN @ TAILS OF A BIOMOUSE for suggesting I take a journey through my travelogues to conjure up an image of GYPSY for this WEEKWORD!

Are you as curious about other interpretations? don't hesitate to check in with my vagabond, night traveling blogger, CARMEN for more about GYPSIES...
AND, I'm calling my mom to see if the Halloween pic of me, dressed as a GYPSY, is still in the photo box.


  1. Hi Christine!

    I dressed as a Gypsy for Halloween when I was 8 too! I loved that outfit. I got too feel very exotic and grown up, and slightly wise. :o) I look for my picture too.


  2. I seemed to always dress as a Gypsy for Halloween, maybe because it was easy and seemed so exotic. I definately need my Tarot cards read. (-:

  3. I agree with you about gypsies being very family-focused! They certainly have protected their traiditonal values.

    I love all your pictures this week. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Interesting interpretation - I really enjoyed reading this. I also wrote about the Roma in my post, they belong to my childhood memories. I have absolutely NO knowledge about Tarot, but it sounds very intriguing.

  5. Fantastic pictures!! LOVED this interpretation. :)

  6. Great post Christine along with great photographs, your Tarot cards are so vibrant and filled with meaning.

  7. Those cards are beautiful! Great memories.

  8. How cool are your tarot cards?? I love the traditional primary colored decks, but had always heard through the groups I was involved with younger (I was pretty into Wicca for a few years)that a deck was best chosen by someone who knew your spirit and mine was chosen by my ex-the New Palladini Tarot. The colors are rich and some of the imagery is a little wild, but I love it :) So much fun to learn new things about you and the man every week!

  9. These cards do look lovely! And you captured the gypsy spirit beautifully!

  10. Wonderful post! The colors in the pictures were perfect for the word. You were right! It was a perfect word for me and I blew it not joining in the fun. I'm hoping for this week.



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