Sunday, May 15, 2011


Mom's SUNFLOWERS ~ Mother's Day 2011

Were you worried about the retrieval of YOUR posts? I hadn't really thought about it... UNTIL... I noticed several backdated (doesn't everyone do that sometimes?) posts were missing!!

I had posted from Panera's (free internet), Monday & Tuesday, and only one appeared ~ with Wednesday's date! (but on Friday) and the other never appeared? 

Well - I think I'm more attached to my blog than I had thought. Actually, it IS a sort of DIARY (hence, the backdating of some posts) to remind me of the RAMBLINGS of my life, as well as pics I used. Often my posts have nothing to do with daily life happenings... but a chance to preserve a PHOTO by posting it with a QUOTE!

So - I'm pondering getting a "domain" - I hope that's what you call it? I guess, I better read up before I go messing with my blog. AND - I do know that would require a skilled webmaster to assist me. Ummm... maybe I'll just "tuff it out" with BLOGGER?? 

What would / are you doing if you use BLOGGER? Just asking???


"Keep your face to the sunshine and 
you cannot see the shadow. 
It's what sunflowers do."
~ Helen Keller, first American woman
to earn a BA in spite of being deaf-blind


  1. I use blogger but host on a domain - I had no idea there had been problems with it this week.

    It is not terribly difficult to set it up on a domain, there are some really good walkthroughs.

  2. Hi,

    I am hooked on Blogger, but I don't know what I would do if it all came to an end; sit and cry I suppose.(-: I love your new header, very pretty! I didn't panic when Blogger went down, I had faith they would correct the problem...and they did. Beautiful weather here....a little rain last night and now glorious!

  3. I have to admit that I saw Blogger's hiccups as a nice excuse to turn away from the computer. Don't get me wrong - I love to blog and read other people's blogs, but sometimes I do need a break. And especially now where there is so much else to do (gardening, following the owls, end of school year) it is nice to stay away from the computer knowing that I don't miss out because all the Bloggers are in the same boat...

  4. Love that quote! I'm not sure if getting your own domain name matters is blogger is fiddling with stuff. It's pretty easy to do though. Let me know if you need and help.

  5. so - from Kelly's comment, it's clear I better not do any changing... I hadn't thought about domain name & host site... oops.



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