Friday, May 27, 2011


SACRAMENTO ~ 5.24.11
My week was spent reading grants... four days... reading, making notes, discussing, determining a final score!

Sounds dismal?? 

Actually - it's exhausting... BUT, it also includes:

:: loads of laughing ::
(at meals with colleagues from all corners of California)
:: hotel "pampering" ::
(love the simplicity of having just the "necessities" for the week)
:: learning about programs, collaborative partnerships 
and implementation in the schools + communities ::
(rural, suburban & urban) 

:: work that continues to interest ME! ::

AND ~ it RAINED for two hours on Wednesday!! surprise! surprise!! California weather continues to be unpredictable... (like most of the rest of the country)

Arrived HOME Thursday evening ~ a DAY earlier than scheduled... all the grant readers were "speedy" at completing this task!! 

AHHH!!! my own bed!

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