Saturday, January 22, 2011


pic taken 9:00am ~ 1.22.11

"What we anticipate seldom occurs; what we 
least expect generally happens."
~Benjamin Disraeli,
British Prime Minister, parliamentarian, Conservative statesman & literary figure

Gloriously beautiful, clear, blue skies... soft breezes gently blowing our hair... FRIDAY evening... the busy work week behind us!

JPE & I were walking down Chorro St near the SLO Mission....

Checking the view...

Didn't see "a crack" and...
broke my "mother's back"...

NOPE ~ it turned out I broke a bone
in my left foot!

Our date-night was spent in the emergency room - getting X-rays & a "horribly large" fracture cast. Looks like the weekend will be spent watching HGTV (mindless viewing!) & some computer time (thank goodness for blogging)...

Will see the Dr on Monday to check swelling & get a more permanent cast...

Interesting trivia: JPE fractured a bone on the SAME foot & the SAME metatarsal in 2004!


  1. So sorry...hope you get better soon!

  2. Oh Chris... this is how you spent your date night... oh geez. I'm so sorry, and I hope you don't have any pain. How weird that the same happened to JPE in the same place, just a few years earlier.
    Get better, read a good book, enjoy coffee or tea - and get pampered!!!

  3. I'm allergic to Rx pain meds, so making do with Tylenol (pain) & ibuprofen (swelling)... I'm a bit worried about getting to work & how to navigate the office with crutches... I figured out I'm pretty clutzy... I'm hoping that when I get the more permanent cast, I will be more mobile.
    Of course I have plenty of projects but have just sat on the couch today concentrating on keeping the swelling down.
    Definitely forced me to slow down! boo! hoo!

  4. ((hugs)) I'm sending you good vibes. How awful!! I can't do pain meds either so I know what a pain (no pun intended) that can be. I hope you heal fast.

  5. Just because I'm about to be released from my boot did NOT mean you had to one up me. Sounds like the street near the Mission needs some work if you and your husband incurred the same injury six years apart. You didn't need to catch up with him either! ;-) Feel better soon and enjoy life in the slower lane. Healthy vibes and willing the pain meds you can take to make it all better soon!!!

  6. holy cow.......big things can happen in just a couple of days! Sorry to hear about your accident, but that's a pretty cool looking cast.

  7. Oh no!! That's just awful! I hope you're feeling better soon. Keep off that foot.

  8. So sorry! But the important thing is that you got a great pic of the cast! Jan from Finding your Eye

  9. Oh no! Hope it's not too painful and that you're up and about again soon!

  10. Oh-oh--Hope you feel better soon.

    I always tried to avoid stepping on cracks as a kid--but my mother's backs till broke--for real.

  11. Christine, I am sorry this happened to you! Take care of yourself and yes, time to sit back!!!

  12. Crutches are the worst! My poor Omo! See, you should have babysit for Lola, that won't have happened.

  13. Oh Cristine, so sorry to hear about your foot! Yes, you are facing some real challenges oh boy.
    Well, my "moving forward" advice to myself probably won't help you much here. Just enjoy the down time if there is any to be had and take care of that foot.

    Sending your some positive vibes.


  14. oh no. hope you are able to avoid any future cracks!

    feel better.



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