Monday, January 10, 2011


recycling bag purchased @1989 school fundraiser


Recycle - Reuse - Reduce... So do YOU ??

The WEEKWORD host is  
Swing by her blog & leave a note in the "kommentarer" box if you are participating this week. 

Her blog is written in Swedish, (I love the adorable letters with "circles" on top) but she writes WEEKWORD in English. 

If you are interested in reading the other posts in her blog, Google has a free translation download HERE!

FYI ~ working on my de-cluttering! Elisabeth picked a fabulous WEEKWORD to keep me focused on "simplifying my life." 
BRRRR ~ 1.10.11 ~ back window of Honda
For those of you living in the snow, this picture will be "no big deal"... but on the Central Coast of California, this is "chilly weather" for us... I grabbed my scarf & gloves!!!


  1. Hi,

    It has been cold here too. On Sunday I really bundled up and went out to prune, that warmed me up quickly.(-: Love the recycle bag, Raleigh brought me back some bags from a conference, made by woman in Africa. I always get comments when I use them...they are very interesting.

  2. the three magic R's, i went for the same! have a lovely weekend. what a nice bag btw.

  3. I am in love with that bag. It inspired me to display my bag collection. :-)

  4. Oh my god, I know it's been crazy cold hasn't it?!?? This weekend has been comfy really, but we had some nights there last week that were in the 20's! Love that bag-looking at you blog always makes me happy no matter what.

  5. Really nice print ont the bag, lovely! :)

  6. I believe I might make an embroidery with those three R:s! I'm glad to see we all have this burning desire for recycling!



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