Tuesday, January 4, 2011



A.  is thought to have originated in England during the Middle Ages
B.  is a day of rest for servants
C.  is a day to give gifts to those who serve others (tradesmen, mail carriers, doormen, porters, servants)
D.  is December 26, the day after Christmas
E.  is celebrated in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand
F.  is a holiday observed by banks, government offices, & post offices

Yesterday, I celebrated "BOXING DAY" by B-O-X-I-N-G up the holiday decorations... ummm, my favorite season of the year, doesn't last long enough! Do you think I could get away with decorating BEFORE Thanksgiving next year?

I confess... my Santa collection grew by FOUR... Chimney Santa was a gift from ACE; Jingle Santa "landed" via a gift exchange; Puffy Santa arrived on my birthday; & Skinny Santa was purchased after Christmas for $1.15 (Cracker Barrel Restaurant ~ Ohio) --- they got along "charmingly" with the rest of the Red Men!

As for the history of BOXING DAY - all of the statements above are TRUE!! 

AND, I DO realize my interpretation of BOXING DAY is different than the choices listed above...

So - are you finished BOXING UP your decorations?


  1. Yes...finally but cleaning up the messy residue, not quite. (-: Love all your new Santas but my favorite is the chimney Santa. Did I tell you that I am participating in Weekword this week...hope so.

  2. Yes - I've got you on the list!
    Wheewww! I sure enjoy having the decorations up, but sure procrastinate about getting them put away. Still have "stuff" on the bathroom floor (in the boxes!), but need to get them back in the closet... maybe tomorrow after work?

  3. I've got everything boxed up but it still needs to be shipped out to the garage. I've been dragging my feet...

    Like you little Santa collection.

  4. I had a lovely Boxing Day on the 26th!

    I took my decorations down on the 2nd, as soon as I got back to London after my festive break. I always think it's a bit depressing still having the tree up when my holiday's over and I've got to think about going back to work!

  5. Well, the tree is boxed, so to speak...(put on the curb for the garbage pick-up). The Xmas village and all my little German artsy decorations are still out, will be boxed this weekend I guess. It's about time (I'm tired of Christmas by the end of the year...)



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