Wednesday, July 27, 2011


:: hanging on ::
KATY @ CREATING MISERICORDIA  is hosting WEEKWORD. I'd lost contact with my WEEKWORD buddies & Carmen let me know that a WEEKWORD PORTAL had been set up, making it easier to find the word & host for the week.

If you haven't participated in WEEKWORD, it's easy, encourages you to "think outside the box," it's open to anyone with a blog, & you meet a lot of new bloggers when you visit their websites!

I hosted WEEKWORD at the beginning of 2011! you can CLICK HERE to learn about WEEKWORD....

The word this week is: I-N-E-R-T-I-A

As the summer winds down, I begin dragging my feet (ummm... enertia?), thinking about going back to work. The GREEN GUY represents my "current mood" ~ I'm "hanging-on" to every moment of my time off this summer!!

This picture is just a "teaser" to get you interested in participating... visit KATY & leave her a note that you'll post your interpretation of INERTIA.

There's a WEEKWORD button (sidebar) that Carmen created for the :: WEEKWORD PORTAL ::

You're welcome to add it to your blog ~ encourage participation ~ and post your interpretation of the word of the week (poem, drawing, picture, trivia, story, etc) on your blog. The host for the week will leave a list of all the participants, then you can visit & leave comments.

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  1. Yah! So glad you posted and are getting the troops all jazzed up to play (plus there is something I love about slightly tortured (but well appreciated) toys :) I'm feeling very lassitudinal (not really a word, but close enough) about the start of a new semester myself, and wishing I could run away for one more vacation before the school year starts, but it's probably unlikely. Looking forward to your Inertia post!



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