Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Arcata, CA ~ public trash can "art" (April 2009)
I remember girls saying this during my elementary school years! At the time, it was sort of a "snotty" way to respond to someone you thought was staring at you...

This phrase has an entirely different meaning now! I take pictures to DOCUMENT...
Avila Beach ~ November 2010
...the places near my home.

...to remember special days. The Avila Beach picture was taken on our 6th Anniversary ~ we decided on a "stay-cation" (hot tub, couples massage, coffee at Joe Momma's & a walk along the beach).
street musician ~ Chinatown, San Francisco (spring 2009)
...to remind me of interesting people I've seen...
Library of Congress ~ April 2011
...and places we've traveled.
Spring cleaning 2011
...to remind myself of where & how I spent time on a particular day! 
backroad to Cuesta College ~ May 2011
and of the "silver linings" in my daily life. This is the view on the back road to work... pretty amazing, eh? 

To take pictures, I don't need to travel to far-way places, although, we have... 
Lake Bled, Slovenia ~ June 2007
On our Eastern Europe tour, I took pictures with a Kodak camera that has been passed along to another family member!! I currently take pictures with a Canon PointShoot & Canon Rebel!

I'm learning to use the "creative settings" on the Canon Rebel & develop my "creative eye" --- so, you may notice some pictures that fall outside my normal "gratitudes" while I participate in Kat Sloma's "Finding Your Eye" (pink button on right hand side of blog) online photography course.  

This post is my homework, in which we were asked to explain,"Why we're exploring photography." In addition to documenting what I see, my photography is quickly becoming a creative outlet, and more importantly allows me stay connected to family, friends & blogger friends!!!


  1. You have some beautiful "documents" there! I love that last one with your Kodak and the really speaks to me!

  2. I am definately giving you an A+ on your homework assignment...these are great pictures with an equally great narative. Excellent. I was surprised at the diffence in quality between my 'good' camera and the little one I bought for the trip. I didn't expect such a difference...of course it could always be the photographer. (-:

  3. thank you Cedar... the last picture is of the church on the little island in the middle of Lake Bled. There are 98 steps to the church at the top of the stairs... the tradition is the groom must carry (or try to carry) their bride up all the steps - which proves the couple "fit for marriage"... I know my husband would not be able to do that! yet, I think he's a mighty fine catch!

  4. You have lots of good reasons to take photos, and you've shared some lovely ones....I really like the stairs in the last one. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- the path you asked about was in Muir woods.
    See you in the FYE class. Gina

  5. The stairs are my favorite in this collection also. The richness of the blue sky, and all the shades of grey in those seemingly endless steps really caught my eye. ~Lee

  6. Beautiful photos! I especially like the Avila Beach shot - something about the colours and the birds that make it entrancing. I love how you are taking are taking photos of everything from the everyday to the special - that's something I want to explore too. Because the ordinary can be so extraordinary!

  7. I love how you illustrated each of your reasons with a photo or two - they work so well together. I especially like how you use your camera to find the "silver linings" - those words really speak to me. Love this!

  8. Great homework Christine, A+ for sure! I'm particularly enamored with your back road to work pic, but you have such a lovely eye for camera shots.



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