Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lola rests after her walk ~ 7.22.11
cute freckles!
downloaded photos this morning & edited a few
doesn't this resemble a "boudoir" picture?
LOLA looks like she's sulking, but she's NOT!!

:: Lola's boudoir picture ::
definition for "boudoir"
a NOUN ~ meaning, 
"a woman's bedroom or private sitting room" 
{originated from French, literally:
room for sulking in, from bouder - to sulk}

Are you sulking about anything today?
summer coming to an end?
vacation mishaps?


  1. Lola sure is cute. Does she like skunks like my little dog does? I guess I'm still sulking about the horrible skunk smell in my house after my little dog tried to get one!

  2. Yes...I am definately sulking...or maybe irritated. I have been having horrible problems getting online with ATT. A repairman is coming Tuesday until it has been on and off ~ so miserable! Lola is just adorable.

  3. My daughter and I are trying to find out what kind of dog Lola is - a Boston Terrier? (she loves those). And no, I am not sulking, I have the time of my life!

  4. YES - Lola is a Boston Terrier (w/a funny, little tail & longer legs than I've seen in this breed). She's mellowed now that she's 16 months old & boy is she strong (no excess body fat, unlike the rest of the family)!! ACE (youngest daughter) has devoted significant time to training Lola (they attended two sessions of "doggie school"). ACE doesn't allow Lola's "cute-ness" get in the way of following directions simple commands & eye contact. It's amazing!! Actually, ACE manages her kindergarten classroom in a similar manner --- the kids & parents LOVE her!

  5. He's adorable. that face!

  6. your lola couldn't get any sweeter if she tried!! absolutely precious!! xox

  7. Freakin' Adorable!!!! I puffy heart Lola. I hope I get to meet Lola some day. I'm sulking because I just got back from my last weekend with my friend before she becomes your neighbor. Sniff. To cheer me up my hubby is allowing me to plan a vacation around New England in Sept. It is helping a little.

  8. Lola is the bees knees! She is super stinkin cute and I am positive my little Shih Tzu boy would beg to play with her constantly if we were closer by that lovely coastal town of yours. It's been far too long enjoying your posts and I'm glad to try and get back in the saddle again. As for sulking, I'm mostly sulking that all the faculty are coming back to ruin my summer quiet around here and that I have to put a beloved little ratty friend down today.



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