Thursday, February 17, 2011


V-Day decorations from Alicia's ~ 2/11/11
"LOVE absolutely everything in your life."
~ Paul Cantalupo

I usually put some identifying information about the author of the quotes I use on this blog. Today, I googled the author of this quote & in an effort not to misidentify a person, I've chosen not to put anything about Paul. 

BUT, it really got me wondering... how do "quotes" come to the attention of book publishers, authors & others (like me who collect quotes)??

Initially, I found this quote in this book (BTW - if you don't have a copy, you might want to get one! lots of quotes, art, stories... I pick it up whenever I need some inspiration).

So - if anyone out in blogland, reading my simple little blog knows the answer to this question, please let me know.

OH - about the cute little lantern picture at the top of the blog - I caught up with my high school friend, Alicia, last Friday... She has an cute restaurant & gift shop in an industrial park in Brea, CA. She also caters... her gift shop has such adorable, reasonably priced "goodies" - I look forward to my lunch dates (with my mom & sister), but also visiting the gift shop. I did get a few gifts for upcoming birthdays... Alicia always has some fabulously funny stories - thanks for always making me laugh, my friend!!

AND - we ordered the "HIPPIE CHICK" sandwich - check out her menu HERE- portions are generous! & her cookies are scrumptious!


  1. I'm laughing because that book popped up this morning when I was shopping Amazon as a recommended for Junebug. It must really know me or are you secretly Amazon in your real life? Either way I guess I should buy it. :-)

  2. What a small world. I think I know Alicia too! My husband is a longtime friend of her former son-in-law. Back in the days, Ward would bring me sandwiches to school from her restaurant. Delicious!

  3. I love the little lanterns. So nice that you re-connected with your high school friend.
    I'm reading "Life is a verb" on and off, I'm not really getting into it. I'm not quite sure why, but I bet I will eventually figure that out.



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