Thursday, February 24, 2011


brick + delicate, spindly flowers = LOVE-ly (London)
What, I sometimes wonder, 
would it be like if I lived in a country 
where winter is a matter of a few chilly days and a few weeks' rain; 
where the sun is never far away, 
and the flowers bloom all year long?
~ Anna Neagle, British star during WWII

a "splash" of color for a university professor (Radcliffe University, Oxford)
fences + flower boxes = unique combination (Bath, London)

basement dwellings "spread" beauty (Chelsea area, London)

(a VERB used when playing with flowers) 
...into my London archives for some 
SPRING-like inspiration...
 What project(s) will you eagerly 
"plunge your hands" into at the "first breath" of SPRING?


  1. I am so jealous...I wish things grew as beautifully here!

  2. I know it sounds crazy but I have been dying to get my hands on my new landscape and toss out all that pine straw, lay down a boundary and put in new mulch/rocks(I haven't decided which). Since we moved in Nov. I haven't worked our yard yet. I hate pine straw and I hate no boundaries because then I have to weed. Technically we don't have to our front yard because it is included in our HOA (we don't have to mow or weed) but I have seen other house in the division with no boundaries and weeds that are not taken care so I'm not taking any chances. I'm still researching what will be best to try to grow out back. I'm just doing container growing this year. Herbs, tomatoes and some other stuff. I have to research the best for this region before I pick plants.

  3. very inspiring photos! I'm already behind on my spring gardening schedule. my roses and crepe myrtals should be pruned by now. I hope to get started next week.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Chris!! I love the basement one - so London.
    I should plant my seeds... perhaps I'll do it this weekend... I'd rather cuddle up with a book.

  5. I love windowboxes and unless I put succulents in them I don't have a lot of luck...I am so envious of these. My project this week is getting the brick flooring laid. I am not doing the work but it seems to take up lots of time anyway.

  6. You can't imagine how soothing these random flowers are to me. We got 10 inches of snow on Friday, then another 6 on Sunday & today (Mon.), it is sleet & freezing rain all day :-( I am very ready for spring here. I ordered my seeds for spring gardening last week! I think I will go buy some tuplips tomorrow... anything to get me through March. Ugh.

  7. windowboxes are my fave! We have them on our balcony and they just 'make' it =) Can't wait for some spring blooms myself!



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