Friday, February 4, 2011


the girls left their mark (Nipomo house ~ 1991)

After reading some of the other WEEKWORD posts
I must say we have similar rituals that are
THERAPEUTIC for our souls!

My rituals include:

PHONE CALLS: SLE & ACE (my daughter's) have flown the nest, but can always be reached by phone, Skype or email... when I need some "OmO time" (OmO is the name they call me) they are quick to accommodate me!! Of course, I would prefer getting a "personal" visit... BUT, ACE lives 4 hours away by car (Sunnyvale, CA) & SLE is cross the country (Washington DC)... {{hugs}} are difficult from afar!

KEW GARDEN flowers (July 2010)
FLOWERS: FLOWERS are sure to change my mood!!! & Trader Joe's always has something affordable when my garden is "off-season."

Tea or Coffee? + a tasty treat
JPE & I LOVE our afternoon TEA / COFFEE time
Scheduling time to re-group, reflect, and revisit our day!! Of course, this doesn't really happen on workdays... but our weekends are such a lovely time to catchup... sitting in the Adirondack chairs - sipping a warm drink - nibbling on a tasty, piece of Cinnamon Bundt Cake (should I share the recipe??) - and listening to the birds chirp, watching the hummingbirds dive-bomb the feeder... what could be better???

And - although I didn't have a picture of a massage table, we do get regular massages! JPE insists!! saying it's the perfect anecdote to good health & very THERAPEUTIC for our bodies, mind, and spirits....

CHECK in with DOMESTIC SCRIBBLES for other "THERAPEUTIC" rituals.... 

So - should I post the recipe for the 
Cinnamon Sour Cream Bundt cake??


  1. I all sounds very relaxing and therapeudic, especially the message which I really should try sometime. Yes! You should definately share the recipe. Have a super-duper weekend.

  2. Yes, share the recipe but I'm feeling lazy at the end of the day, can't you just teleport a piece over here? ;-)

    Enjoy your tea, massages and chats with your girls!

  3. Love that first photo! Great word wasn't it?

  4. Yep! Definitely with you on flowers and coffee... Phone calls? Nah... shy away from them!! :-) Always enjoy your posts! B.

  5. I think you have therapeutic well sussed out. There are a few of your "therapies" I really enjoy too!

  6. Ahhh... tea and flowers. I whole heartedly agree with you on their therapeutic value, as I sit here sipping hot tea myself, with purple orchid blooms hanging over my moniter.

  7. Yes, please! Sounds addictive!

    ps Thanks for the heads up about the
    coffee latte and cream bars at TJ's.

  8. Would love to try your recipe. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me messages. I will respond to each after I type this... I hope you get email follow up when you get a response to each comment. I just figured out how lol. Tea is big in my world too!

  9. Keeping in touch is very therapeutic... by phone, yes, but I prefer the "in touch" of a massage, too. I forgot to mention those in my post, but I do get massages every 6 weeks or so. I agree with JPE, totally worth it! Feels so good on my sore runner's legs & my shoulders, which spend too much time hunched over my laptop :-) Coffee/tea breaks are great too.

  10. Hi Christine! These all sound lovely and therapeutic. I could use any of them right now to help get through this l-o-n-g winter. Great photos and I really like your valentine-themed header!

  11. Yes, please share the recipe for the cake! I am always looking for new and delicious things to put in my bundt tin :)

    Thanks for such a lovely post! Glad your daughters are always on call for you.

  12. Oh Christine you are such a girl after my own heart-beautiful colorful flowers, sweets (that cake looks scrumptious!), adirondack chair all sounds pretty perfect. I think though that JPE is entirely in the right about the absolute necessity of massages-their utterly divine and I think the doctor should order me more!

  13. Well, yes of course!!! Why did you even ask???

    Love your therapeutic rituals...



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