Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 Precious ANGEL ~ 2.8.11
"An ANGEL can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision."
~St Thomas Aquinas, Catholic philosopher & theologian

I've been feeling a little sorry for myself... not being able to get out to take some pictures... 

As I was "hobbling? hopping? crutch-ing?" (whatever you want to call "using crutches" to move your body) out the door to work, I noticed my ANGEL - in particular her "wings"... I look at my ANGEL all the time; move her from place to place in our home; and I adore her shape, color, sweet face, beautiful wings... BUT, I never noticed the "HEART" design in her wings. See if you can find it??

I'm flying over to tell CHRISSY @ CUL*TI*VATE  about my NEW-FOUND "HEARTS" - they were right under my nose! I didn't even need to leave the house to find them!

Since CHRISSY is sharing some of her favorite "HEARTS" from the beach - I'll share this "HEART"...

"Seaweed HEART" (San Simeon) ~ 10.1.10
If you didn't find the "HEART" in the ANGEL wings, here's what I saw...

I need to use my "power of vision" --- as evidenced by today's discovery! right.within.my.own.home!!
Have you spotted any "HEARTS" in your daily journeys?


  1. I love that angel. I have the same one since the wings are removable I always joke that she is just like me "Sometimes she is an angel, sometimes she is not".
    I've been finding myself looking for hearts every where since you started this. I haven't found many but I've been enjoying the hunt.

  2. How pretty she is. And this is a lovely post. I must start looking for hearts, I keep forgetting and I could use some...I guess it is kind of like looking for all the good things in a day.(-:

  3. After a quick gaze around the room, I found a heart in the repeating design on my Kleenex box and on a Christmas card on the bookshelf (which should probably be retired in the near future.) There's a heart on a family photo over my head and on a nearby drawing by my 8 yr old. Thanks for reminding me to rediscover the things in view all around me.

    Sorry to hear that you haven't been able to get out to take pictures. I guess it isn't easy to hold a camera and crutches at the same time! Hope you're back out there again soon.

    P.S. I saw an upside-down heart at the bottom of the angel's wings where the ends of two curls face each other.

  4. i LOVE these heart surprises. isn.t it so fun to find one where you LEAST expect it? i linked to your love today.
    thanks again for sharing your lovely find.
    hope you feel better soon.

  5. Oh I LOVE that angel! Where did you find her may I ask?

  6. I see several hearts in your angels wings. They get longer as her wings get longer ;]

    hope you're feeling better soon

  7. I just wanted to drop in and say ((hugs)) I've missed you the past week. :-)



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