Saturday, March 29, 2014


picture taken this morning!
So, my family left for home yesterday afternoon!
Everyone arrived safely by truck & train!
Getting settled... unpacking... looking through
the mail & newspapers...
making lists of items needed from the market...
THEN... the rattling, rolling, shaking, and creaking began!

This morning's LA Times headlines read,
"5.1 earthquake: More than 100 aftershocks, scattered damage"

Most of my family lives a few miles from the
epicenter of the earthquake (Brea & La Habra).

Having been born & raised in California,
earthquakes are NOTHING NEW to us... 
but, they are unnerving &
the aftershocks leave you sitting on the edge of your seat,
wondering when the next one will R.O.C.K. your W.O.R.L.D.

My family is fine!
breakables have been moved to a safer location!
they have water, electricity & gas!
Life moves on!

JPE is mulching the garden...
& a crockpot of potato soup is cooking!

I need to finish this book by Monday! 
my work team is discussing

A simple, thought-provoking read!
our educational system needs to be transformed...
we have become a country used to MAKING EXCUSES!

we have problems because of...

the Common Core.
schools teach to the test.
kids have too much homework.
summer is too long.
summer is too short.
teachers have too many inservice days.
parents don't care. students don't care.
teachers don't care.
we have too many poor students.
we don't offer the arts. 
they need more science. or history. or electives.
schools need more money.
their union makes it hard to get rid of bad teachers.
it's because of the second language students.

GOSH! I've heard all these comments...
and more.

I invite you to check out this book!
Love to hear your thoughts.

let's move away from EXCUSES!


  1. So glad everyone is safe from the quake! So scary I imagine!!

  2. It has been a little scary, we had another one this morning. Sean and family are right on the fault line but everything is okay. Miss Twiggley didn't even notice!



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