Sunday, March 2, 2014


paper sculpture ~ Sunnyvale, CA
this week's song is "NOTHING MORE"
by Alternate Routes (an two-person indie band from Connecticut)

For some reason, I thought of women when I read the lyrics of this song. I pulled some samples of women from my photos archives to illustrate the theme of this week's SONG-OGRAPHY.

During my research of this week's song, I learned it was played at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Sochi...

painting on the side of a building ~ San Francisco, CA

statue of a military woman ~ Arlington Cemetery, Washington DC

wall art ~ Women in the Military Museum, Washington DC
This song, "Nothing More" was written  for NEWTOWN KINDNESS, the organization founded by a family who lost a child in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. You can learn more about how schools are using this song to “to promote kindness as a guiding principle of humanity” by clicking THIS LINK.

Before the Academy Awards begin, take a peek at some of the other bloggers posting their interpretation for SONG-OGRAPHY.

Will you watch the ACADEMY AWARDS tonight?
My prediction.... Best Picture Award will probably go to "12 Years a Slave" - the only movie in this category that we HAVE NOT seen. Having seen the movie trailers, I need to be in the certain frame of mind to watch the "deplorable" way we've treated people... in this case, slaves.
I predict "FROZEN" will win the Best Animated Feature Film & "LET IT GO" (from the movie, FROZEN) will win the Best Original Song. Will see this again when it comes out on video... YEP! it's great!


  1. Love these picture - so perfect for the song!!

    I am knee deep in the red carpet excitement right now (-: I saw 12 Years a Slave - LOVED it - so deserving. I hope Jeniffer Lawrence wins, because she is awesome!

  2. Funny how a song touches each of us differently. Wonderful interpretation!
    Would love to see that first paper sculpture closely. It looks so intricate.

  3. What a creative interpretation! I'm with Carletta...I love seeing how a song touches each person diferently. As for the Oscars, I didn't see "12 Years a Slave" yet either. I'm waiting to watch it on tv. I just can't handle the violence and brutality on a large screen like that. I was VERY surprised Cate Blanchett won for Best Actress. She was wonderful in "Blue Jasmine" BUT...I thought Meryl Street was a shoo-in after seeing how she tore up the screen in "August- Osage County".



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