Thursday, April 10, 2014


You may have noticed I haven't posted on my blog lately!

I'm sad... emotionally detached, actually... 
BUT, mostly bitter
about a work situation...
and frustrated that the people I've admired for years,
have closed their eyes to a situation
that many feel will reflect poorly on our organization.

I found a quote that really
resonates with me today!

"A BOSS creates fear, a LEADER confidence.
A BOSS fixes blames, a LEADER corrects mistakes.
A BOSS knows all, a LEADER asks questions.
A BOSS makes work drudgery, a LEADER makes it interesting.
A BOSS is interested in herself (or himself),
a LEADER is interested in the group."

:: Russell H. Ewing, British journalist

JPE, don't forget the number of people who
admire your calm demeanor;

your passion for students in crisis &
your ability to work with their individual attributes;

your love of nature & wanting to share
that experience with students;

your ability to facilitate meetings
& encouraging others to speak and feel valued;

your attention to details & the ability
to explain the data that impacts our students & programs;

your passion and advocacy for marginalized youth populations;

your sensitivity in seeing others as they are,
NOT as something to be changed;

 AND, most of all your kindness & professionalism.

I'm truly sorry for the way you've been treated
 after a tremendously successful career!



  1. Some of you have tried to post comments. I don't understand why it's not letting you. But, I know you are out in cyberspace...

  2. Not only an exceptionally successful career but a wonderfully successful friend and person...the best of the best! The future awaits and it will be grand.

  3. So sorry JPE is dealing with this! Hope for a good resolution, soon!



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