Thursday, March 27, 2014


looking for some photo ops that can be created with WATERLOGUE

Mom, Jodi & family have been here since last weekend...
Jodi's family has been "GLAMPING"
{camping?  in their trailer... with hook-ups}

Sunday evening - getting set-up!
Yesterday, we took a walk into Pismo Beach
& got caught in a downpour!
on the walk home!
Mom, Katie, Felix, Matthew, Archie & Derek
I took these photos on the pier, BEFORE the downpour...
this photo even shows evidence
of the spitting sky!

finishing lunch at Garland's
The downpour began about 5 minutes after this picture.
We walked the kids back to the trailer...
{JPE drove my mom home}
It was quite the adventure!
Something I think the kids will remember as FUN??
hope so!!!

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  1. Ok, I SO need to jump on this waterlogue bandwagon!



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