Friday, April 5, 2013


Spring St, Los Angeles, CA
On Thursday, we (JPE, Mom & I) took a "field trip" to THE LAST BOOKSTORE. You can read about it in the Los Angeles Times HERE. We had forgotten how many beautiful, old buildings were located in this section of Los Angeles. As expected, the artistic displays made up for the short walk from the parking structure through the crummy part of town.
In addition to a security guard at the door (umm... crummy part of town), this "BEAUTY" greeted us at the door. I think she's in need of new goldfish!
Formerly a bank, this building had incredible features, including a vault (loaded with shelves of paperback books)... on the main floor were hundreds of used & some new books sold at "below" bookstore prices. There was even a section for audio-books, children's books and "vinyls" {records}.
Records were hung by fishing line from the ceiling... casting prism-like red & blue shadows across the floor, as they caught the sun!
We loved the staircase display --- with a comfy, overstuffed chair, some flying books & a trash, littered floor (there was also a flying typewriter) --- was the author experiencing writer's block? nightmares? perhaps a bad dream? (reminded me of Dorothy's experience in the Wizard of OZ). 
Upstairs we walked the "bookcase" LABYRINTH & browsed through the thousands of paperback books, sheet music, textbooks, etc! ALL available for bargain deals --- everything was $1. 
Ummm. Wonder how these books would do in an earthquake? Don't think I want to find out.
I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted --- I used my point & shoot & i-Phone. {I've yet to get over my camera "phobia" of taking pictures in public places}. But, JPE can't visit a bookstore without finding something he wants to read... so, we walked out with our Trader Joe's bag of treasures!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), this field trip was a "7" --- worth battling some LA traffic, but may not plan a return trip!??


  1. What a great place here in my own backyard so to speak and I have never heard of it. What a fun adventure.

  2. That looks so awesome!!! What a fun field trip!

  3. May not plan a return? Why ever not?
    It is magical there! Books as far as the eye can see,art and cute art studios and even a little antique shop.



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