Friday, February 3, 2012


Kat Sloma ALWAYS finds a way to peak my interest ~ whether through her online courses which fine-tune my photography skills or helping defining my creative eye through photo composition ~ In her newest monthly offering, PHOTO-HEART CONNECTION, Kat is appealing to the photographer's inner thoughts ~ memories & their connections to photographs. Photos that tug at the heart! for whatever reason.

She asked us to review our JANUARY photo files for the one photo that "spoke to our heart" ~ after much deliberation, I decided on this photo.

Initially, I selected this photo for the rich red color of the London phone booth, which happens to be a Christmas ornament. Actually, we left this ornament out after the holiday season as a reminder of the three weeks we rented a flat in London to experience life in this bustling city!

The London phone booth brings back a FLOOD of memories...
  • watching families walk to work & school {from our 9th floor window}
  • buying groceries in the corner market
  • using the TUBE (daily} or relying on our feet to transport us on our next adventure
  • visiting {& revisiting} the London museums & famous landmarks
  • seeing four live performances on London stages {including the stage performance of WAR HORSE}
  • getting caught in a London downpour
  • stopping for tea time each afternoon

JPE & I documented our London adventure in this blog, starting HERE! with a post & pictures of our day's events.

What this picture also represents is the awe & wonder of really looking at the amazing architecture found in this city. Wandering the streets armed with day packs, we soaked up the energy from this sprawling city & marveled at brick, stone, intricate carvings, amazing ironwork gates & fences, and the canopies of well established trees shading the cobblestone walkways... ah! it's hard not become intrigued by the history, the people & the evolution of this cosmopolitan city... it's a true heart connection!

To learn more about Kat's PHOTO-HEART CONNECTION, please click HERE! the link to post your January photo is live until February 7th


  1. I can feel your heart connection in your description of your memories and looking at the phone booth I'm almost transported there.

  2. So wonderful Christine! What a luxury to be able to be there three whole weeks. To sink in and really enjoy the place. I love that you left out this wonderful ornament, as a memory all year long. I can feel the heart connection in your image and words - it reminds me of how I feel about Italy! Thank you for joining in with the Photo-Heart Connection.

  3. Love your image! Beautiful POV! So very special that you've left this ornament out! Memories make a wonderful connection to a photo and it sounds like you have some wonderful ones!!

  4. What an amazing store of memories from your London adventure. It sounds like the greatest way to actually experience a new city. And this ornament is great - I can completely understand why it would bring back those memories - so uniquely "English".

  5. I would love to stay in London like that! I'm sure you have many great memories.

  6. Lovely! Your story made it all so real for me - beautiful memories tied together in a photo.

  7. I spent a week in London once and came away with some of the most wonderful memories of my life. Thanks for sharing yours. What a great Photo-Heart connection!

  8. Wonderful choice, Chris! I love London - it has a very special place in my heart and my history. In the 80s I had a boyfriend in London (a German, I got to know him while we were both at the University of Tübingen), so whenever possible I spent time there. It belongs to my fondest memories and I really got to know London. It still is one of my favorite places on earth.

  9. Loved the story and the photo - both so touching. Oh, to stay for 3 weeks and become part of the fabric of the every day - so wonderful!

  10. Beautiful story and photo...I love items or photos that transport me instantly back to a time and place full of special memoires.

  11. this photo speaks to my heart too, we also spent some time in London right next to Hyde Park in Sussex Gardens oh I loved it. I loved the hustle and bustle and the boots and coats and scarves in the winter and the bodies languishig on the grass in the park in the spring so wonderful. thanks for the memory jolt

  12. Oh, what a wealth of memories this photo brings to you, a touchstone of your time in London. When a photo embodies more than the image I always feel grateful.



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