Sunday, February 26, 2012


pic taken 2.26.12
IT'S THAT TIME OF THE WEEK... SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY!! I was telling JPE that I felt guilty about devoting a lot of my Sunday to "BLOGGING" ~ taking photos, editing photos, reading & commenting on other blogs... and pinning on PINTEREST. BUT, he reminded me to DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY

Yesterday, we spent much of our day tidying up the garden area, moving the walking stones, pulling weeds, and spraying fungicide on the roses... so, by the time our evening rolled around, although we had plans to go to the movies, we ended up staying home & watching "CHOCOLAT" on DVD.

Oh... how I love my weekends... but, don't you find they sure speed-by?

But, enough of that ~~~ this week's SCAVENGER HUNT words are:

from Sundance catalog
Confession... I bought this at World Market! {love that place} Of course, it was on sale after Valentine's Day ~ so that sealed the deal...

I really wanted the wire hanger from the Sundance catalog, but they were sold out... the difference is hearts or hooks {World Market version}.

My choice for something that's CROSSED...

Want A GLIMPSE into our summer travel plans? we've booked an OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) Tour to Peru. We're keeping our pre-travel books handy... I've started to make a mental list of photos I want to capture on our tour. If any of you have traveled to Machu Picchu or the Amazon Rain Forest, I hope you'll consider sending me an email so we can chat about your experience.

Here are my Grandma Jesse's {maternal} diaries from 1947-49... these were the years my parents met & began dating, married & started their family. I turned the page to the day I was born... my Grandma documented everything... what was eaten for dinner, the chores completed for that day, what bills were paid & the cost, which errands were run, the high school & pro football teams scores... what they watched on TV (they watched a lot of wrestling)... even their pinochle scores. It's such a treat to see her HANDWRITING & read her dailies!

BLISS for me!!! sitting in my great-grandmother's rocker, reading magazines & sipping a cuppa tea or coffee!

Gosh, without resorting to taking a picture of the GRAY sky or my GRAY pants... I really struggled with what to post??? so, I went to my photo archives & posted photos from another SHS... personally, I like the original color shot! how about you?

Well, that wraps up this week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY... if you aren't participating, hey, I think you're missing out! You have until Tues 2.28 to post your photos... visit Ashley at Ramblings & Photos to see the other 120+ participants postings...

Next week's words are:


  1. Love your glimpse and handwritten shots (and it's so special that you have those diaries!). And I also like the original, color shot of your last picture. A very pretty blue/teal tint in that fabric!

  2. How amazing, to have your grandma's diaries! Cannot wait to read about your summer travels. Great hearts and I loved watching "Chocolat" !!

  3. I LOVE your grandmother's journal. Also, excuse my ignorance, but is your name Karen Christine??

  4. What a great weekend. I love your new wire hanger, it is so cute! And your trip sounds very exciting...I hope you will blog through it like you did in London, it was so much fun going along with you.

    Still slogging my way through Photoshop, wish it was as easy as Picnik.

  5. How absolutely fantastic to have your grandma's diaries with such detail! Love it! Peru sounds exciting and I love your composition of that shot! Great set!

  6. Wonderful collection! Would love to visit Peru someday. Wonderful that you have your grandmother's diaries. Oh... love the movie Chocolat! Have a great week!

  7. I love crossed -w hat a great idea!

  8. How exciting a trip to Peru would be! I bet you can hardly wait.

    I love that heart wire hanger! So very cute!

  9. That trip to Peru sounds really amazing!

    It is awesome that you have your grandmother's journals with so much detail, how precious those must be.

  10. Your handwritten photo is awesome! So special to hear about the day you were born from the words of your grandmother.

  11. All your photos have a great story! I'm jealous of your trip. Hope you have fun!

  12. Beautiful photos! Your trip sounds amazing. The ABC card is really adorable. That's great that you have your grandmother's journal. What a wonderful keepsake.

  13. Great pictures. I would love to travel internationally someday...destination unknown...because I don't care!!!! How awesome you have your grandmother's journals...what a great keepsake to pass on through the generations.

  14. Oh you are so lucky that your grandmother wrote a detailed journal. The things you could make with those journal entries.

  15. I like the color version better in your final shot - I think it adds a richness the gray one lacks. How cool to be able to read your grandmother's journal entry about your own birth! Nice set this week, Christine.

  16. love love love your glimpse shot! so creative!

  17. Beautiful set of photos! My favorite would be the handwritten journals! This just tugs at my nostalgic heart! We thought along the same lines, our births, for the handwritten prompt I posted a receipt from the hospital when I was born. I also love your bliss image, such a treasure to have your grandmother's rocker!

  18. What a treasure those diaries are!

  19. oh your upcoming trip this summer sounds so wonderful! (we are studying South America right now and the children so want to see the Amazon!)

    Thank you for your kind words on my post

  20. Wow, your trip sounds awesome, love your "glimpse" shot! What a beautiful treasure your grandma's diaries are, love that!



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