Sunday, February 19, 2012


If you have elementary age kids, you'll recognize this guy!
Haven't posted much this week - more about that later!! Today is SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY & although I hadn't thought much about the hunt... I've managed to pull together a post.

So, without further delays... this week's words are: 

What a LOVE-LY surprise! On Thursday, there was a small package in the mail --- MOM gifted us a new set of pillowcases! They really "cozied-up" the guest bedroom - in fact, I've taken several naps in this room over the past four days! battling a FLU-BUG... I N.E.V.E.R nap, but these do make taking a nap LOVE-LY!! check out the bold HEARTS

A bit of RAIN this week... some scattered clouds... captured the moisture on this pair of flowers --- do you think this qualifies as an example of something DUPLICATED?

Ten years ago, I never would have predicted I'd be spending an afternoon break, sipping a coffee with my granddaughter, Lydia {currently an 8 year old}? I'm certainly N-O-T a trend-setter... BUT, JPE & I should have predicted this TREND based on the following picture of Lydia {dated January 2006, when she was 2}!


Another TREND... notice Lydia's blue tshirt & the first picture in this post... 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series is a current reading TREND with the elementary school population. 

When kids are asked what they like about the book series... their response is:

"the cartoons"

"the jokes"

"the stories make me laugh"

if you haven't taken a peek at this TREND, check HERE!

Last Sunday, on the way home from visiting mom, I stopped at my favorite scrapbooking store... Scraparazzi {Whittier, CA}.  OOPS! sorry Mom!! didn't tell you I was making this stop!  This store has amazing PAPER --- and I L-O-V-E PAPER!
In fact, quite often I use scrapbooking PAPER as the background for my pictures. You can see another glimpse of scrapbook PAPER as backgrounds in this picture or also here! scrapbook PAPER is also used here!

Was looking for something in the garage --- remembered these were stored there!! wonder if Barbie is planning a trip to the beach for her Spring Break?? Maybe I should let her know she left these PLASTIC glasses & visors in my garage!!

Wanna join in the SCAVENGER HUNT for next week?? The words are: CROSSED, A GLIMPSE, HANDWRITTEN, BLISS & GRAY

It's great fun & I know ASHLEY would enjoy your participation. Check in with her at Ramblings & Photos


  1. Great Colorful Pictures! I love your duplicated too, beautiful!

  2. I love how you interpreted each prompt!!There's no way I could pick a favorite!! I love the pillowcases!! What a wonderful gift! And, the duplicate shot...stunning!! The girls are beautiful and I adore the Barbie sunglasses!! Glad you're feeling better!!

  3. Love the paper shot and your duplicated flower shot is amazing.

  4. Thanks for your visit. I have not participated in week word in the past. I think your pictures are great. Love is touching as is trending. Plastic is just great. Thanks again .

  5. Love love love your perspective with duplicated. Such a cool picture! You asked if I used Picnic, but I actually use Photoshop CS5 to edit my pictures. The frame is an action by the Coffeeshop Blog.

    1. thanks Holly - I appreciate knowing that Photoshop is probably the direction I need to head. And, I've been to the Coffeeshop Blog... I guess I'm just resisting adopting Photoshop as my editing system.

  6. I love the entire set this week. Java is always a great start. I think it's hilarious that she's already a Starbucks fan.

  7. I love your mom's pillowcase gifts. What a great tradition.

  8. I've never been here before. I LOVE it here! I knew the Diary reference immediately. My 12-year-old finished the last one just before he started the Hunger Games. He's now on book 2. Great series!!!

  9. I really love this set. Each one of these photos made me smile :)

  10. Great choices! My faves are the paper and plastic shots! And those pillowcases - LOVE!

  11. Great set! I love your duplicate shot! And your Heart pillows are too cute:)

  12. Great set! And here is an article about the Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

  13. I justlove all your photos !!!! Those duplicated flowers are so beautiful, trending is cute, love is very loveable, paper and plastic are so cute, I love scrapbooking !!!!!!

    Have a nice week and I hope you'll visit my blog again one day :) !

  14. I really enjoyed you photos this week. My fav's are the plastic and the duplicated! All are wonderful. Thanks for you kind comment on my post this week! hugs, Linda

  15. Really love the perspective on your flowers...beautiful.

  16. Love your shots! My kids vote for Greg and Diary of the Wimpy kid as their favorite shot...while it was a good movie and great series I like the duplicated shot the best! Great work!

  17. I love all of your captures - especially the trend one! What gorgeous pillowcases - I hope you are feeling better. And I'd say the two gorgeous flowers definitely qualify as duplicates. Thanks so much for your very kind comments on my blog. :)

  18. The paper picture is amazing! :)

  19. Gorgeous photos! I love the commentary about them, too. It's great when the photos give so much insight into people's lives. I hope that you're feeling better.

  20. Love the water droplets on your flower shot. Nice job!

  21. I like your paper and plastic shots! Have a great week!!

  22. Love the Starbucks bits :) And your plastic and paper are great!

  23. Woof!
    You forgot to include 'sipping coffee "and walking THE DOG"...
    That is The Trend now.
    And if Lydia's dog can be my friend it would set another trend!

  24. I love your pillow cases. The rim is actually the same fabric I use for my Surfrider camera strap in my store :) Made me smile!

  25. Great shots - I think plastic is my favorite!

  26. I absolutely LOVE your duplicated shot. Great viewpoint for the picture!

  27. cute set love each of them , and your grandaughter is so cute.



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