Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Big Bear cabin ~ 12.27.11
When I was looking in my "pre-planned blog posts" folder {you have one of those don't you?} I found this photo w/a quote.

My good friend, Mandy @ IN MANDYLAND & I  were talking about her blogging schedule... she writes multiple articles a week {here's her latest WANDERING THE WEB post} that bounces you at a "rabbit's pace" reading her material... She's a prolific writer, single mom of a preschooler & kindergartner, works 40+ hours a week between her position involving semi-professional clothes & one she's allowed to work in casual clothes {I'm thinking jammies or sweats}. She's also spends time in her garden... canning everything {plus more - she found a surplus of tomatoes in SEPTEMBER & canned enough marinara to feed an army}... oh, & she just started another blog, SIX KITCHENS, to document six families & their supper club recipes.

Oops... a bit of a bird walk... anyway, Mandy told me about putting items in a blog folder that you can use when you don't have time to writehave writer's block OR just need some inspiration. Reflecting on my teaching experience, I'm thinking of this as my SUBSTITUTE PLANS. HA! you thought I'd actually show what's in my "pre-planned blog posts" folder... not a chance!

Anyway, this folder includes photos, quotes, & anything that provides inspiration. Today is one of those days I needed some inspiration.

This FLU BUG {now} BRONCHITIS {my mom thinks I have walking pneumonia - which is actually a term meaning you aren't sick enough to be put in the hospital, but you aren't well either} has put me out of commission --- for my paid position. This is only the second day of work I've missed, BUT, February has a lot of holidays & I took two non-duty days SOOO... I'm feeling out of touch with my work-work {paid position} & don't feel perky enough to figure out what I want to do while I beat this bug. Blog hopping, checking out PINTEREST & watching HGTV aren't appealing right now...

Remember my OLW {One Little Word}... I chose the word FOCUS. So, today, I decided to FOCUS on some ideas that make me smile...

:: NATURE ::

So, the first photo is an example of something from my "pre-planned blog posts" folder {with a FOCUS on NATURE & BIG BEAR LAKE} & the following are examples of "out takes" {blurry photos I'm contemplating deleting} that FOCUS on PLAYING WITH MY CAMERA & SETTING UP PHOTO SHOOTS.

BARBIE! when are you coming by to pick these up?? 
I want them moved out of my garage....

These don't belong to BARBIE!... check out the size of these baskets!!
that's an American penny {for comparison purposes}

So - if the owner of these items will let me know if she wants them back... I'd appreciate it...

ACTUALLY, it's FUN to take pictures of the items I have around the house {or in the garage, in this case}.

And, THANKS MANDY for the blogging tip!


  1. Oh my, still under the weather! Mom is right with her feeling you might have something worse then you think. Very nice display, what fun finding these cute Barbie items.Those days bring back many memories with Barbie clothes and the girls.

    1. did you see Sunday's post with Barbie's plastic sunglasses & visors?

  2. You are so sweet to do all those link backs! I hope you feel better soon, but in the meantime, enjoy HGTV in HD. :D

  3. Oh, I don´t have pre-planned posts but I really should think about it for those days when inspiration is zero! :-D

    I haven´t decided where to place it just yet, but it´s so cute that I think it will look good in most places. :-)

  4. I have very few pre-planned posts. I just kind of blog when I've got something! I should probably be better prepared! Hope that you are feeling better.

  5. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks to Mandy and to you for that great blogging tip. That's a great idea. And your Barbie accessories have given me my first idea to add to my pre-planned blog posts folder!

  6. Barbie! Did she drive her 57 Chevy to your garage all by herself? She's supposed to be in my storage unit, send her back home!

    1. you are so funny!!!! I think her car crashed - the plastic was all broken & brittle....



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