Saturday, September 24, 2011


"floating flowers" ~ a rainbow of warm colors

Color Wheel ~ image found HERE
Kat Sloma's BLOG continues to stimulate my creative eye! peek at my recent post HERE, or CHECK HERE ~ why, I've been attempting to apply Kat's suggestions to my photography since DECEMBER 2010.

In her current EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA series, she asked us to browse our photo library & identify our "COLOR EYE" using the color wheel shown at the top of the post. From my photo file, I've listed samples of each category and provided a simple definition:

:: a single color ::
Natural History Museum ~ Oxford, England
"ornate" detail of column
shades of yellow-orange

:: 2-3 colors with a common color ::
Big Sur ~ Nepenthe

"sparkly" set of stars
yellow + red-orange + orange

:: a range of colors in a sequence ::
Portobello Market ~ London, England

"cool" hydrangeas
blue + blue-violet + violet + red-violet + red

An observation: my "COLOR EYE" tends to focus on colors that are contrasts... 
Astro-turf Car ~ London, England

umm, I wonder if contrasts will be Part 2 of the Color Wheel? check back or better yet, participate in Kat's EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA exercise!!
What COLORS do you find in your photo files?


  1. These are extrodinary! How amazing. I love color and this is such a great way to have fun with it. I love what you have done. Super. Hope you guys are having a great weekend.(-:

  2. Oh my!! These are awesome! I love, love, love the first shot! How amazing!! Your color images are so unique. Beautiful post!!

  3. Very beautiful captures of colours - It is amazing how many colours we can find. Love the 1st and 4th ones.
    Really nice. take care

  4. I love these! Such wonderful examples. Yep, part 2 will get into those contrasting colors on the wheel a bit more. It's interesting to see how you use color, isn't it? I'm so happy to have you along and linking in to Exploring with a Camera. It's so much fun to see how you take these ideas and use them! Love your colorful post.



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