Thursday, December 2, 2010


"Canvas SANTA"
purchased in Providence, RI
December 2003

Ummmm - you're probably wondering 
what planet I'm coming from?
what I mean is... 
Do you ever buy a GIFT for yourself?
guilt-free! no thoughts about your budget?

a photography course is the next
GIFT to myself!

call it an early Bday present,
IF an excuse is needed??
JPE is supportive of any 
"creative" endeavor I pursue.

SO - I'm slapping down fifty buckeroos for...
"Find Your Eye: A photo course 
with Heart and Soul"

January 9 through February 19, 2011
6-week online course  
"Photography is art, and like any other art, 
is an expression of the heart and soul of the artist."
~ Kat Sloma, photographer on assignment
Sign up online at:

oh... and 
"Canvas SANTA" was a SELF-GIFT
He was on SALE!!
the paint was shabby & peeling on his back
~ but, don't you think he's "charming"???


  1. The way I shop for presents is when I see something that reminds me of someone/something I know they need or want then I buy it. I loathe buying gifts just to buy gifts. For others I go for things that are usable(food,bath stuff, candles,etc). But anyway, that means that often when I see something someone will love - I love it too and buy one for myself as well. Otherwise I might be tempted to not give it to them because I love it myself. :-) Besides my husband is the worse gift buyer ever! Now I give him a list to shop buy so I sort of always buy my own gifts.
    That course looks great. I'm going to have to think about it.

  2. cool - how's it coming getting settled in your new place?

  3. Self gifting is the best because I get exactly what I want!! :)

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you're taking a course. Your photography is amazing and I can't WAIT to see what you come up with.

    LOVE the Santa. He's too cute. :D

  5. You will love the course, Christine. Kat is an amazing photographer.

  6. Your Santa is adorable. And, yes I self-gift fact I finally got around to self-gifting myself a new dishwasher. I am excited to hear about the photography course...

  7. HAPPY PRE-BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I so agree with you Christine that often the best gifts are the ones you get yourself. And, that photography course sounds perfect; kind of like taking a painting class it will help you 'SEE" things better. The technicalities of it all are often the very least of it! Plus, isn't it great to have a gift that continues to celebrate beyond the day. I like to think of my Birthdays as my Year to Celebrate (:
    PS That vintage Santa is too cute. He definitely was (and will be) well loved. And, thank you for the Birthday wish, my fellow Sag. The party continues.......

  8. I love self gifting. It took me years to appreciate that giving myself what I wanted rather than hoping and wishing to have someone else fullfill my needs was the healthier of the two options.

    LOve love love the Santa!




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