Thursday, August 4, 2011

365 DAYS AGO...

Aphrodide ~ British Museum ~ 8.4.10
Three hundred sixty-five days ago, JPE & I were visiting this pretty gal... 

YEP... we were at the British Museum! Our three-week adventure began AT THIS POINT in my blog (in case you missed it OR are new to Silver Linings)... 

British Museum ceiling
Unfortunately, numerous photos from this time period disappeared (blogger error - which I haven't fixed yet)! You might have done the same thing?? but, I deleted "duplicate pictures" from my photo library, which deleted the photo I had posted. Of course I still have a copy of the photo, but I've NOT taken the time to upload these photos back into my blog.

This is a long explanation to say, "If you see a weird box, with no photo, that is what happened"...

The British Museum is gi-normous!!! so, we HAVE to go back again, to see the rest of the exhibits!

Where have you VACATIONED? and DREAM of returning to?

outside Amsterdam ~ summer 2005
I've been away from blogging for a week - driven to Northern California three times - to attend a wedding in Nevada City, visited ACE, and picked up SLE after her bar exam & brought her to our place for a 3 day visit! Plus, I had two work days in the office... It's been great to see the girls, but I have to admit, "I'm not young anymore" and "I'm tired!!!"

Summer is coming to an end & JPE & I will return to work in another week! 

We're already "LOOKING AHEAD" & planning for another trip overseas next summer! Ummm... where should we go? Ireland? rent a flat in Florence, Italy? Machu Picchu?


  1. All your travel ideas sound so great. I want to go to all 3 of those places!

  2. I, of course, would opt for Italy... Isn't the British Museum fantastic? I spent so many hours there - one of my favorites was the manuscript room, oh my lord! So you went to a wedding in Nevada City - I attended one there a year ago. Yours didn't happen to be on an estate outside town with gorgeous views into the Sacramento valley? Just asking...

  3. You definately need to rent a place in Paris...that way I can be there some of the time while you are there and have someone in the city I know! And there is so much to see. I really want to spend a week there, but I am a little intimated on being completely on my own.

  4. Carola - the wedding was held at the BlueBird Farm... an earthy, warm, humid evening & we sat on bales of hay covered w/lovely quilts (or folding chairs, which were then used at the tables where we ate a fabulous dinner made from items grown on the farm... The bride & groom stood under a huge oak tree - it was exactly the sort of wedding we would have imagined for this couple. So, NO, it was an estate like yours, but it was lovely - we are used to seeing this couple (mid-30's) in hiking, climbing, outdoor clothes - so to see the bride in an actual wedding dress was a treat!

    Adrienne - I agree - Paris is a treasure-trove of sites... we need to meet for coffee & talk about your trip - sooooonn...

    Blue China - your traveling time will be coming soon! those boys will be out of the house before you know it!

    The British Museum is fabulous... there was so much to see - it was difficult to decide where to go first. We actually enjoyed an exhibit on "Mummification" - it was very interesting...

  5. The museums in London reminded me of the Smithsonian in DC - you could spend weeks there and still not see everything. I liked the British Museum but found it real crowded. It did contain the things I most wanted to see the Rosetta Stone(could barely see it thru the throng of tourists) and the Elgin Marbles(much larger than I imagined). On the other hand, I loved the Victoria and Albert Museum.

    I can't wait to go back to Scotland but I still need to see France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, etc. So many places - so little time.

    PS On the side buttons on my blog - they used to hold all my blog links but when I made a few changes for my impending move to wordpress I lost all the links to the blogs I love. :-(



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