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"Frame Within a Frame" 
is Kat Sloma's current theme 
for her "EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA" series. 

In this participatory exercise, Kat posts a topic, theme or idea & asks you to use a camera to "explore your world" & share the photos on your blog or Flickr account! To get a better understanding of this compositional technique, you can read about it HERE!
My intention in taking this picture was to remember the shape of windows... but after reading her explanation, I found details in my photos I hadn't noticed... like the bird sitting on the outside edge of the window & the "knobby-looking" metal panels of the wall!

ST MARTIN'S-in-the-FIELDS, London, England ~ July 2010
JPE & I visited this church numerous times during our three-week stay in London last summer. The church pews were a refuge against a summer rainstorm; we listened to a CONCERT by the BELMONT ORCHESTRA; and more than once, SAT TO REST OUR FEET from the constant walking on our daily adventures. 

Like a famous painting, we'll never forget the "magnetism" of this window... NOR the scrumptious scones & tea they sell in their basement cafe!!

PARIS, FRANCE ~ July 2005
Don't you want to take a peek in this courtyard? walk up the staircase? smell the fragrance of the flowers blooming in the window boxes? look at the architecture & detail of the ironwork up close? AND, LOOK, did you notice the lion's head in the triangle of the staircase? think it's a water fountain? 

I discovered numerous examples of a "Frame Within A Frame" technique in my photo library. Take a peek at the second & third picture in my RECENT POST!

Have you used this technique? what mood or detail were you hoping to capture? what story would your "Frame Within A Frame" picture tell? 

If you find you've used this technique, why not share the picture with others ~ stop by KAT'S and leave a link to your photo!


  1. What a great photo from Paris, love that one.

  2. Christine - great examples of the "frame within a frame" concept! I really like the first one for the subtle hint of what is beyond and the way you included the handles. And the last one, for the way the frame is off-center - plus I am a sucker for arches!

  3. Wonderful shots! I love them all, but the last one really grabs me. I want to enter the courtyard, go exploring, walk up the steps...

  4. What beautiful windows! It must have been wonderful to see those in person.

  5. Love these window views. Beautifully 'framed'!

  6. These are all so beautiful!! Fantastic that you caught the bird in the window!!

  7. Love all the different shapes of the frames in the windows. Beautiful photos!

  8. These are wonderful photos! Wow! namaste, Carol ^_^
    My blogs are { A Creative Harbor and Share the Creative Journey}

  9. I love that Paris photo - YES I want to walk through that arch and up those stairs. I like how put the frame off-center, it's a very interesting combination. Very cool on the bird framed in the window! Thanks so much for linking in, I really enjoyed your post.



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