Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mendocino coastline = "predictable" night photography shot

Kat Sloma's current "Exploring with Your Camera" theme, NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY has been posted HERE!

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Henry Miller Library ~ Big Sur (10.1.10)
I don't have many night pictures in my Photo Library! Being a perfectionist, I'm certain I've deleted them for any number of reasons.

As luck would have it, this photo wasn't cut... the contrast of light & dark (white lights against the inky blue-black sky) & the shapes (ivy slithering up the firmly-planted wooden post, reaching to the round, rusty, dented wagon wheel) prevented me from pushing the "delete" button.

We didn't learn the origin of the wagon wheel, 
but after reading about Henry Miller's outrageous crowd
of followers, I'll bet he WON the wheel ~~~ in a BET

Browse THIS PICTURE FILE to see what the wheel looks like in daylight. The addition of the scruffy foliage, certainly "jazzed up" the wagon wheel post for this nighttime shot.
Henry Miller Library ~ Big Sur ~ 10.1.1

Another photo taken that same evening... 
Pretty SPOOKY, huh?!?!
Sorry, I can't share the camera settings used... 
I'm pretty impressed that I remembered to grab
my camera in the midst of the music, dancing and wine.

I'm going back to re-read Kat's tips, and give NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY another chance.  Your assignment, should you chose to learn more about photography, is to visit KAT'S BLOG!  THEN, leave me a message about one new thing you learned! (can you tell school started? I'm acting like a teacher!)

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  1. These are great night photos, Christine. The only time mine turn out is around sunset... otherwise, I think I need to work on this. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog -- I very much appreciate it!

  2. You made me laugh, Christine! Thanks for the enthusiastic support of my blog! I love your spooky shot. Aren't longer exposures fun? The vines really do add interest to that wagon wheel in the night shot. Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

    PS - I don't see any gaps in the between the lines that don't make sense!



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