Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Tomorrow ~ lunching with friends from work... soaking up the glitz & glitter... this is the place to browse & get in the holiday spirit!

ummm! don't you think the back entrance is pretty enticing?

Check out this porch display... are you swooning yet?

Well... you'll just have to wait for more photos ~ tomorrow night!

SO, if you travel to SLO (pronounced "slow" town - stands for San Luis Obispo), you must stop here for a meal!

There's a lovely restaurant... a bakery... a fabulous gift shop... and a romantic get-away! check it out HERE!

HUH! false advertising?? this is NOT an APPLE... 

...doesn't matter, the menu is down-home-cooking! portions are plentiful! and the Apple Dumplings are a signature treat! 

My dad loved to order the meatloaf sandwich! My favorite??? ummm... difficult to make a choice.

BTW ~ on my last visit, I spied this SANTA...

...perhaps I'll treat myself! after all, it'll be my Bday!!!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is a wonderful one and I am sure it will be. Have fun at the Apple Farm, I have never been there but I have heard how nice it is. And I think that you definately need another Santa.(-:

  2. That Santa is adorable and you deserve a treat for being such a great blogger! Go for it!

  3. Hope you had a great lunch, fantastic birthday and bought the Santa!

  4. Christine that looks absolutely idyllic, I want to jump in the car and race down there for some Christmas magic! Happy Birthday love and thank you for your wonderful friendship here over the internet-may your special day be as glittery as possible!

  5. Happy birthday Christine! I hope you treated yourself to something special. :)

  6. Happy B Day! The back entrance does look like a winter wonderland! I think you need that Santa!

    *I weekworded on your suggestion! :)



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