Monday, December 13, 2010


"Some cause HAPPINESS where ever they go."
~ Oscar Wilde, Irish writer, poet & playwright

It's time to spread the "happiness" ~ I know we are all very busy... BUT I would imagine that you've taken some pictures, baked something marvelously delicious, have created a holiday greeting or setting in your home, or snapped pictures of the "ever-changing weather"... am I correct?

So ~ this task should be "easy~peasy"...

has selected the word...

as the WEEKWORD!!

Didn't I say this would be "easy-peasy"... So, blaze a path to Allie's BLOG & let her know you'll be posting something!

Spread the HAPPINESS by sharing your thoughts about C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

NO EXCUSES... I've been to your blogs... there are some adorable, stunning, delicious traditions & memories taking place in your house!


  1. Are you working in marketing, Chris???
    Okay, I'll hop over to Allie... sounds like a good word (I actually thought about that...)

  2. Well this is certainly an easy looking this up in the dictionary and I think I just might be able to come up with something.(-: Hey...this is another adorable Santa.

  3. love carola's response! that is a nifty simple way to address the the prompt!

  4. Hope you had a grand birthday celebration!

    I'm tickled that your daughter wants to do the handprint tree next year--I expect to see a picture! ;-)

    Our advent calendars are just magnets, no messages, gifts or candy. Working with so many in play this month was supposed to be easier so each child was occupied but we still confused a few days. Minor blips compared to taking turns (there are plenty of other waiting for your turn moments in our house).

    And as for snow...I grew up in PA and was just fine with snow until this past February--shoveling 40+ inches of snow...snowmygoodness it was.

    Hope your holiday is terrific!



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