Saturday, May 22, 2010


(SLO Tiptoes ~ pic taken 5/5/10)

"Kindness is the language
which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
  ~Mark Twain, American author & humorist

Last week, I posted a link to a very "sweet" (as in cute, thought-provoking) video about "KINDNESS" - please click and share...

Question 1:
What did you like about this? who will you share it with?
I spent this morning checking some of my favorite blogs... I've been feeling "blue" for a couple of weeks now... with little energy to post... this "blue-ness" is really nothing unusual for me at this time of the year! For me, ending the school year requires a lot of energy & focus; is task oriented; complicated by deadlines; emotions are heightened & conversations are brief... and of course, financial challenges are affecting everyone I know...

But, my "blue-ness" was triggered by several conversations... and it has me wondering about ME... how I can become a better communicator? a friend? a work partner? a wife? mother?

Wanting to post ~ but experiencing  a creative block I wandered through "blog-land" and this grabbed my interest... 
You have three names in life:
the name you were given at birth,
the name that you make for yourself,
and the name that everyone knows you by.
That last one is the most important, 
because it is the name that you must work the hardest to change.

Question 2: What are your thoughts at this moment? did this make you STOP and THINK?

My Saturday morning walk will help chase the "blue-ness" - And, I have some of my best inspirations while walking... have a fabulous day! the Central Coast is sunny, but breezy, with a chill in the air...

Question 3: What are your plans for this lovely SPRING day?

Please let me know you've visited my blog by leaving your answers, comments or just a HI! thinking of you! (it's easy to let me know you've been here by using the COMMENTS box)

If you haven't read my blog, WELCOME... 
I hope you will return often. 
My blog was started to document 
my 60th year of life
and to recognize the "silver linings" 
that make my life FABULOUS!


  1. What a neat quote! I'll have to chew on that one for a while. ;-)

  2. i love this blog!

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