Sunday, May 16, 2010


(all pics taken Mother's Day ~ 5/9/10)
"It is the WISE MOTHER who gives her child 
R O O T S   and   W I N G S."
~ Chinese proverb 

Although I didn't get to spend time (in person) with any of the significant females in my family I did feel their LOVE. I worked on Saturday, May 8th, so I changed my plans to travel out of town. BUT, I did spend time on the phone with my mom and all three daughters...

While I worked on Saturday, JPE canned 7 pints of strawberry jam. So after our Sunday morning walk, we enjoyed the "fruits of his labor" topping our Bisquick biscuits... YUM! You might be thinking he would make his biscuits "from scratch" but our family actually prefers using the recipe found on the side of the Bisquick box. 

He also made tamale eggs (one warmed tamale cut into bite-size pieces & folded into scrambled eggs) topped with cheese & salsa. I felt so pampered! and then he topped off our breakfast with a gift (a National Geographic Photography book) and card. Talk about feeling "super pampered!"

We took a drive (JPE bought his "first ever" new car  - a 2010 Mazda 3 - 0% financing) to Baywood Park & Sweet Springs Preserve. I took pictures ~ the egrets watched us; while we watched two baby turtles wrestle in the water. I'm learning to use my telephoto lense & still struggle to figure out which settings will capture the shots I see in the viewer. JPE thought they might be mating?!? I thought they were wrestling!! it was fun watching them splash & tumble about in the pond.
The day was getting windy, so we headed off to grab a cup of coffee in Baywood... and also ended up walking across the street for an early dinner (Mexican food ~ our favorite!)... Honestly, we didn't experience a "food stupor"... but it may sound like it...

It was fabulous day!

Finally, here are two additional pics of my Mother's Day bouquet... the colors & fragrance really dressed up the living room... I love taking pics of flowers (I think because they stand still ~ and I can capture the smallest detail).

THANK YOU Ms Lydia, NB & JMcG for the flowers!!!

The girls have "flown" the nest, but they never fail to remember their "roots."

THANK YOU... JPE, DA, SLE, ACE, NB, JMcG & Ms Lydia for making "MOTHER'S DAY 2010" so special!

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