Saturday, March 27, 2010


(pic taken /26/10 ~ Hwy 58)

"The best zoom lens is your legs."
~Ernst Haas, Austrian photographer

Took a drive to see the wildflowers...

Talk at work has been all about 
the "fields of COLOR" on Hwy 58. 

Learning to use my new camera! 

Flowers seem easy to photograph! 
Check out the fungi growing on this tree!  It was soft, powdery & dusty to the touch - BUT hard like a sea shell where it was attached to the tree bark. It was pretty "gnarly" looking!
I was looking across the field for a new patch of flowers & noticed this "perfect" square tree branch. Upon closer inspection & from a different angle it was actually two different branches. GREAT lesson - change your "position" when taking pictures - you never know what you will see.
Beautiful blue skies... no wind... 
lots of people in cars (& on motorcycles) 
coming to capture photos of the flowers; 
to picnic in the fields; 
and enjoy the SPRING weather!  

How are you enjoying SPRING? 


  1. Wow! They came out great! aren't you impressed with yourself? It was a fun day we will definately have to do it again at a new location.

  2. Beautiful!!! LOVE the bright colors and the tree fungus. :D

  3. Just looking at your lovely flower pictures :) The 1st ones are actually called Blue Dicks, the yellow composite is called Tidy Tips, and the third is a Lupine of some sort, if I had to guess I'd say Sky Lupine. I'm such a flower fan!



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