Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(pic from internet - can't believe I didn't have my camera today!!)

"Never iron a four-leaf clover, 
because you don't want to press your luck."
~Author Unknown

JPE & I went to the 4:15 movie 
at the Palm Theater to see 
"The Last Station
with Christopher Plummer 
(as Leo Tolstoy, Russian author).
Tolstoy wrote the epic,
War & Peace 
I never read it!!
Beautiful, talented,  
Helen Mirren
played his wife.

Helen Mirren 
was nominated for 
Best Actress 
but lost to 
Sandra Bullock 
(for her role in The Blind Side)...

"apples to oranges"

Helen should have won the Oscar!

Anyway, JPE & I loved the storyline - 
I don't understand why the movie reviewers didn't?
Bring your kleenex!

I was a "lazy" Irish daughter... sorry, Mom!
We didn't eat corned beef, cabbage or boiled potatoes.

I hope I'm not "pressing my LUCK"
JPE & I ate a
bowl of Cheerios!!

Happy Pattie's Day!

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