Sunday, March 28, 2010


(pics taken 3/28/10)

"Each item in a collection 
has its own story, its own memory - 
the search, the day you bought it, 
who you were with, the vacation..."
~ Tricia Guild, British fashion designer

March is almost over & 
I've not posted a collection yet!



I haven't worn this 
charm bracelet for years 
(actually, I don't remember 
the last time I wore it??)... 
BUT, that doesn't prevent me 
from purchasing charms
that represent memorable events.

 SLE & ACE gave me this
"CHAIR charm"
(crafted by ME = Mary Englebreit)
which I wore on a chain as a necklace!
(it's not your eyes - the pic is blurry) 

 In high school, I WON a sewing contest!
The prize was this charm. 
The scissors actually open & close.
AND -  they can cut paper...
The award-winning outfit =
a navy-blue, polka dotted sheath 
& a solid blue, waist length jacket
with a peter pan collar, fabric covered buttons,
and lined w/the dotted fabric...
HOT! outfit  -  huh?

This lid on this little box opens 
so you can insert a message inside!

My Uncle Larry gave me the 
STATE of TEXAS charm 
(he lived in TX at the time);
the TELEPHONE charm  
(w/red & blue rhinestones);
(we named ours, Gretchen).
Charm bracelets were much more "popular" 
in the Southern states...  so it was a thrill
to get a new charm from him!

The VAIL GONDOLA (third from left) 
was a gift from Lars (my "ex").
We took a ski trip to VAIL Ski Resort
in Colorado (1969).

I bought the
to remind me of a trip 
JPE & I took to Sedona, AZ (2004)
and the
represents the first garden
JPE & I planted (2002).


What do you treasure?


  1. I remember wearing this charm bracelet and using the scissors to cut paper . . . .

  2. Hi, Christine. This is the only way I could find to communicate with you. Your instructions for linking to a .pdf showed up in the results of my search in Google Blogger Help, but when I clicked, I got an "out of service" notice. Would you mind writing me at and explaining to me how to link to a .pdf file in a post? Thanks!



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