Monday, March 7, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.10 {2016}

taken 3.5.16
Mom & I flew to Portland, Oregon last week! We got an inexpensive flight from Long Beach to Portland, rented a car (although you can use public transportation) and stayed at the historic BENSON HOTEL. Here are a few GOOD - RANDOM - FUN pictures that I captured. Check out the LINKS in this post for more detailed information about Portland.

Thursday, March 3rd
After visiting with Mom's friend in the historic Hollywood District, we drove over to the ALBERTA ARTS DISTRICT to check out a few fabric stores, BOLT FABRIC BOUTIQUE & MODERN DOMESTIC. What a colorful, fun, creative place to stroll... and capture some pictures... I plan to post some of my favorite shots later this week. After an hour browsing (& buying) at Modern Domestic, we asked the staff where they would recommend eating... she suggested SWISS HIBISCUS just behind their store. What an incredible dining experience! small, intimate... Mom enjoyed pork schnitzel & spƤtzle, while I had a mouth-watering brat & creamy potato salat. Heavenly food! the owner-chef came out to speak to all the tables asking how they liked the food. Oh yum! will visit this spot again to try another dish! absolutely GOOD!

Friday, March 4th
Portland is a city for walking OR riding bikes. YES, they ride their bikes in the drizzle & pelting rain! Perhaps they are immune to the chill and dampness?? Mom & I took the Portland Walking Tour which met at Portland's historic "living room," also called the Pioneer Courthouse Square. More about the sights near this landmark will be coming in another post, but for now, two RANDOM pictures.
A dog carrying a basket... he wasn't homeless, but on closer examination of the basket, it said SMILE... and you could drop a donation in his basket. He was crossing the square and didn't approach us for spare change. Perhaps he met his $$ quota?
And, finally, the Portland BLUE MAN pontificating from notes he had written... objecting to government regulations... or lack of action on the part of the city council. Apparently he is a regular & his name is Mike! he keeps his face covered! And loves to SHOUT OUT his opinions via an electric megaphone. His ranting was a bit annoying!

Saturday, March 5th
FUN... of course eating donuts is FUN! We walked by Voo-Doo Donuts several times, but the line was so long (no surprise!! as you can see the donuts are legendary) we missed carrying around our own PINK BOX. But, any number of people eating a donut were willing to share their "puffy selection" for this photo op! What we were surprised to learn, Jet Blue allowed passengers to carry on their PINK BOXES to share their donuts with the people back home. Mom & I think Voo-Doo Donuts should open a shop in the Portland Airport!!

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more of Portland coming!!


  1. You know I am super partial to PDX! Looks like you had a great trip!

  2. Ahhhh, you just made my day. I had heard the Voo-Doo doughnuts had closed. Its on my must see when I get to Portland list. Looks like you have a really great trip. I love that you documented more than just the normal tourist stuff.

    Lisa at Life Thru the Lens



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