Friday, March 11, 2016

FIVE ON FRIDAY {3.11.16}

All these photos were taken last week on a trip to Portland, Oregon...

Last week on Friday, Mom & I were just finishing a Portland Walking Tour with guide, Richard. He mentioned he was a "DUCK" and his sister was a "BEAVER" --- you would understand this statement if you follow college sports. My grand-nephew is interested in becoming a "DUCK" and attend the University of Oregon (the other rival college, Oregon State University has a BEAVER as a mascot). Later, we stopped by a DUCK Store to check out the orange-billed mascot & capture several DUCK pictures which we shared with "D" in a text message. 

Before the Portland Walking Tour, we wandered around the Pioneer Courthouse Square... Portland has loads of "public art" including this series of game boards. Looking across this chess (or checkers) board, you can see how public this piece of art is. Don't worry! the wallet (cup of coffee too) is part of the art... check out the additional views of the chess board. 

Saturday, we headed to the Portland Saturday Market, down by the wharf... in addition to unique crafts, music, entertainment & food stands, there was an amazing young man demonstrating his balloon making skills. He definitely captured the 1-8 year old crowd with his smiles & twisty shapes.

Heard of 805 BEER? Well, that refers to beer that is brewed by Firestone Brewery in San Luis Obispo County (which is where I live)... this young vendor is capitalizing on this concept and selling t-shirts, caps and other local products using a "play on words"... Portland's area code is 503... 5-0-TREE, get it??? Once again, this is Portland's Saturday Market...

Arriving back at the BENSON HOTEL, I couldn't help but share the gorgeous chandelier located in the main lobby. Simply stunning! I wish my i-phone captured better pictures... perhaps it IS because the ceiling must have been 12 feet tall??? I must add "tips for taking photos on a portable device" to my research list.

Gosh, I never thought I would join the ranks of people who say, "what day is today?" but, just WAIT until you retire... you'll be joining our team. 

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  1. Such a stunning chandelier, beautiful. The balloons made me smile too...

  2. Hi & so nice to find you through Amy's link up! Great public art there & lots to see & do! But oh the chandelier is magnificent!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh man, A beaver and a duck, that's divisive!!

  4. We're originally from California, but I've never been to Oregon, really enjoyed your photos.

  5. Fascinating vignettes of Portland! I've never been, but am sure we will visit fairly often after our move. Love that beautiful chandelier.

  6. Lovely moments from your visit. I really like the public art, so good to see. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, sorry to be so late visiting you. I hope that you had a great weekend and will have a great week! xx



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