Monday, March 14, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.11 {2016}

GOOD... Water fountain? or Bubbler? Our Portland Walking Tour guide, Richard told us they are called Benson Bubbler's for the name of the person who gave $10,000 to the city to purchase & install 20 four-bowl bubblers. There were two stories that are told about the reason for the bubblers... to keep the loggers out of the saloons & the other was because Benson saw a little girl looking for someplace to get a drink during a 4th of July parade. For whatever reason, there are 52 bubblers through out the City of Portland & a person can download a list of the bubblers by clicking here!
The bubblers flow from 5:30am-11:30pm, unless they are closed down due to freezing weather or wind... the fountains are cleaned bi-weekly... & it was interesting to learn the water is fresh & NOT RECYCLED.

RANDOM shop... In the Alberta Arts District, I ran across this great window design advertising a tattoo parlor.  Located on a side street, next to the Rexall Drug Store... it grabbed my attention with the brilliant colors & a sign featuring cool fonts.

FUN... Bisquick tin! Okui's Strawberry Stand will be opening March 24th! Gotta stock up on Bisquick to make shortbread rounds for our strawberry shortcake!

Again, I'm posting photos from our Portland, Oregon trip.

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