Saturday, September 6, 2014


Q: which state grows the most sunflowers?

Young sunflower stems are supple... they face toward the east in the morning... and west at sunset.... as they mature, their stems harden and they stop moving.

The brown-black center of a sunflower is actually hundreds of tiny flowers all clustered together into one large center. The tiny flowers that make up the center go to seed after pollination.

TOURNESOL is the French word for sunflower. The Spanish word is EL GIRASOL, which means TURNS TOWARD THE SUN.

The tallest sunflower was 27 feet tall - about the size of a two-story building.

{these pictures were taken at the Avila Barn, in Nevada City and the Long Beach Quilt Show - YES, the second picture is a machine quilted sunflower}

Oh... the state that grows the most sunflowers?
{they grow more than 11 species of sunflowers}

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