Thursday, September 11, 2014


Do you ever really "see" a painting
that grabs your HEART?

I had arrived for a meeting 20 minutes early, so I sat in the lobby and began checking emails. Listening to the sounds of the receptionists answering phones, talking with clients, my eyes glazed over... when I focused my attention again, I was looking at this painting. 

I've seen this painting many times, but really had not stopped to appreciate the significance of its placement in this location.

This agency serves our lowest income residents... and many of the families have small children. I realized what a significant impact this painting could have on these families & children. The paint COLORS grab your attention! what a positive view of farmworkers collecting produce... the produce we are fortunate to purchase in our local Farmer's Markets!

I LOVE living in an area that supports the agricultural industry!

{painting in the lobby at CAP-SLO (Community Action Partnerships-San Luis Obispo); cropped in PicMonkey}

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