Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 on 10 ~ SEPTEMBER 2014

"dripping wet"
morning fog {7:55am}

drive to work
{along Hwy 101, just past Avila Beach, CA}

{taken only 30 minutes after the previous picture}!

Lunch BBQ ~ Nancy "flipping the burgers"

yummy "BBQ" roasted corn from Farmer's Market

drove through Pismo Beach
{way home from work}
see the "fog bank" on the horizon?

 fog doesn't obstruct the ocean view at the end of the day!
{BUT! fog IS on the horizon}

Clam Festival is coming!
chowder tasting & music! 
{one of the concrete "clams" that advertise coming events}

pet store? t-shirt shop? restaurant?
guess again...
it's the Tiger Rose Tattoo shop in Pismo Beach 

"enjoying the sun"
coleus in the front planter
{home... sweet... home}

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hosted by Rebekah @ A Bit of Sunshine

{10 photos taken on the 10th day of the month}

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  1. That's some serious fog! Love the beach shots, too!



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