Monday, April 21, 2014


 Posting with Tamar at RANDOM-OSITY...

JPE made his Gorgonzola Sauce for our pasta Saturday night. AND, it was tasty Sunday night! Why is it that leftovers taste so great the second time around? Is it because you don't have to start a meal from scratch {my opinion}? or the flavors have blended together {JPE's opinion}. Anyway... it was taaaa....ssstttteee! Yummy GOOD.

On Thursday, we had tea at Kreuzberg's on Higuera in SLO. The tables on their front patio have such interesting graphics. We had this RANDOM guy - doesn't he look a little like someone from the Simpson's? 

If you follow my blog, you saw the bottom part of this sculpture last week. I love taking pictures of it! There are so many details, angles to capture, and cartoon-ish faces & bodies. Perhaps I'm drawn to this FUN sculpture because it reminds me of the characters who mime.

Well, if you ever visit San Luis Obispo, let me know & I'll share some of my favorite spots to take pictures.


  1. mm that pasta sounds good! The drawing is too random - totally looks like a Simpsons guy!
    Thanks for linking!

  2. That does look good! Lovely art.



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